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Offspring of Willowplace Easy Rider of Capecoon, M, MCO n 22, 1992-01-03, US/US26 offspring
 Coonmora Carragh of CladdaghcoonFMCO n 221990-02-11US/US 5 offspring
 Claddaghcoon AbbeyFMCO n 21US/- No offspring
CH Claddaghcoon DonegalMMCO n 221993-09-14US/US 7 offspring
 Capecoon RebaFMCO n 231992-07-21US/US 1 offspring
 Capecoon Cassidy of LedgewoodFMCO n 221994-05-20US/US 9 offspring
 Khamsin Fran Danse of CapecoonFMCO n 221990-07-28US/US 5 offspring
CH Capecoon Buster BrownMMCO n 221993-05-07US/DE 1 offspring
 Capecoon Cimarron of CoonmoraMMCO n 211993-05-07US/US No offspring
 Capecoon Born To Be GreatFMCO n 221994-02-12US/US 3 offspring
CH Capecoon WichitaFMCO n 221994-02-12US/DE 7 offspring
 Capecoon Little LaylesFMCO n 22US/US 2 offspring
IC Capecoon Rocky IIMMCO n 221994-07-23US/CH5 offspring
 Capecoon Jemmy of Coup de CoeurFMCO n 221994-07-27US/FR 4 offspring
 Capecoon LaylaFMCO n 221992-08-06US/- 6 offspring
CH Capecoon Marvin The MarvMMCO n 22US/- 2 offspring
 Capecoon Reckless Murphy of LadydazyMMCO n 22US/GB 2 offspring
CH Capecoon MerlinMMCO n 221993-08-26US/DE 1 offspring
CH Capecoon Righteous RiderMMCO n 221993-08-26US/US29 offspring
CH Capecoon DaytonaFMCO n 221991-07-19US/- 8 offspring
GEC Capecoon Easyrider IIMMCO n 22US/DE7 offspring
 Capecoon Indy of McWiskersFMCO n 221993-02-01US/US 2 offspring
 Capecoon Lady MaxineFMCO n 09 231990-08-05US/US 5 offspring
 Capecoon Bandit of Dodge CityMMCO n 09 231993-03-21US/US 2 offspring
SGC Capecoon Ilynx of Coup de CoeurMMCO n 09 221993-03-21US/FR 8 offspring
 Capecoon Princess FluffyFMCO n 09 221989-04-22US/US 7 offspring
 Capecoon XcaliburFMCO n 221993-03-15US/IT 4 offspring
 Capecoon Flashdance of Little TigerFMCO n 211993-04-15US/US 4 offspring
 Capecoon DakotahFMCO fs 231990-02-26US/- 4 offspring
 Capecoon FelicityFMCO nsUS/US 1 offspring
CH Capecoon FluffyFMCO f1993-03-20US/DE 4 offspring
 Capecoon NatalieFMCO n 09 221991-02-08US/US14 offspring
CH Capecoon Django of Angels AfootMMCO n 221993-05-05US/- 5 offspring
CH Capecoon Harraseeket BayFMCO n 221993-05-05US/US 8 offspring
 Coonmora Hugger of CapecoonFMCO n 221991-06-04US/- 5 offspring
EC Capecoon Mistress-of-Darkness, DMFMCO n1994-01-30US/FI 13 offspring
CH Willowplace Diamond of CapecoonFMCO n 09 221988-08-10US/US 24 offspring
 Capecoon RenataFMCO n 09 221993-02-18US/US 5 offspring
 Capecoon ChantalFMCO n 221991-01-10US/US 4 offspring
 Capecoon Chippawa of Yankee PearlFMCO n 221992-11-27US/NL11 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.