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Offspring of Lovely Zwyciezca, F, SIB ny 22, 2016-08-20, PL/PL5 offspring
JW, NW*2016, SC Ferrero de Claire, DVM, DSMMSIB n 242011-05-07CZ/CZ30 offspring
 Tesla VistulaFSIB n 222017-07-17PL/PL 1 offspring
 Tolstoy VistulaMSIB ny 232017-07-17PL/PL 13 offspring
 Trump VistulaMSIB n 222017-07-17PL/NO No offspring
 Tzar VistulaMSIB a 222017-07-17PL/PL No offspring
 Uriel Adonis NovĂ˝ vekMSIB ns 03 24CZ/PL 6 offspring
 Mayfair VistulaFSIB ns 242019-07-27PL/- No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.