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Offspring of Well Being Dunasha, F, MCO g 22, 2014-12-31, RU/HU5 offspring
 Ashabelle WesleyMMCO a2014-11-12PL/HU 5 offspring
 Sciroo's KevinMMCO a2016-03-03HU/HU No offspring
 Sciroo's Kill BillMMCO a2016-03-03HU/IT No offspring
 Sciroo's KookaiFMCO g 222016-03-03HU/-No offspring
 Shonycoon's CaosMMCO n 09 222017-04-09IT/HU 2 offspring
 Sciroo's VegasMMCO n 092019-02-01HU/BE 2 offspring
 Sciroo's Grace KellyFMCO a 092021-03-29HU/DK No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.