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Offspring of Ishcus Harrison, M, MCO n 09 22, 12/19/13, IE/IE5 offspring
 Silverfern Never Say NeverFMCO f 09 224/17/15GB/IE 1 offspring
 Ishcus Dalton of ChemicoonsMMCO n 09 2210/13/16IE/US2 offspring
 Ishcus Sweet CarolineFMCO fs 227/2/15IE/- 1 offspring
 Ishcus Casper The Friendly GhostMMCO ds 229/16/16IE/DE No offspring
 Ishcus AntaresFMCO f 09 226/10/10IE/IE3 offspring
 Ishcus ElleFMCO n 09 2210/25/16IE/IE 1 offspring
 Ishcus EricMMCO n 09 2210/25/16IE/IE 2 offspring
 Mainefield's Violet NoireFMCO fs 096/18/13AT/GB 3 offspring
 Silverfern Nella at IshcusFMCO f 034/2/18GB/IENo offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.