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Offspring of IC Tuscaloosa Kyla of Kitharas, F, MCO g 09 22, 2006-03-13, AT/DE5 offspring
EC Maddox of Indian FireMMCO d 232003-06-27DE/DE 3 offspring
IC Kithara's BaliosMMCO n 09 232007-05-11DE/DE12 offspring
 Kithara's Bohemian RhapsodyFMCO f 09 222007-05-11DE/DE No offspring
 Kithara's B├ęsame MuchoFMCO f 09 222007-05-12DE/DE1 offspring
 Kayen of Midnight Colony of StoneOceanMMCO n 222006-05-14CZ/DE2 offspring
 Kithara's Paul HoganMMCO d 09 222008-07-31RU/DE No offspring
IC StoneOcean IrwinMMCO n 222010-03-16DE/DE4 offspring
 Kithara's OkemosMMCO n 09 222012-01-10DE/SE1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.