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Offspring of Perun's Sweet Gitchey Rose, F, NFO w 61, 2016-02-05, NL/NL15 offspring
WW'16 SW IC Zygot's Snigger, JW, DVMMNFO n 09 242016-06-02SE/NL33 offspring
 Perun's HeroMNFO w 622017-04-13NL/-No offspring
 Perun's Bubba-LinaFNFO n 232018-02-19NL/PL2 offspring
 Perun's ChimichurriMNFO n 232018-02-19NL/-No offspring
 Perun's Memphis StyleMNFO w 622018-02-19NL/-No offspring
 Perun's Piri-PiriMNFO n 09 222018-02-19NL/-No offspring
 Perun's Texas JackMNFO w 622018-02-19NL/-No offspring
 Perun's BrooklynFNFO n 232019-02-24NL/-No offspring
 Perun's ChelseaFNFO n 09 242019-02-24NL/-No offspring
 Perun's DelmonicoMNFO n 232019-02-24NL/-No offspring
 Perun's Lady LibertyFNFO w 642019-02-24NL/-No offspring
 Perun's MadisonFNFO n 232019-02-24NL/DE1 offspring
 Perun's Shake ShackMNFO w 642019-02-24NL/-No offspring
 Perun's Sundance KidMNFO n 09 242019-01-25NL/- 10 offspring
 Perun's Smoke'n MagicMNFO w 642020-06-18NL/SE No offspring
 Perun's Super DuPaMNFO n 09 242020-06-18NL/- No offspring
 Perun's Yankee PunchMNFO w 642020-06-18NL/- No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.