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Offspring of QGC Wistariantale Prince George, M, MCO n 23, 2015-03-08, IT/NL37 offspring
CH LeatherAndLace Missundaztood PPFMCO f 09 232013-04-04NL/NL11 offspring
 LeatherAndLace Apollonia 6FMCO n 09 232016-02-19NL/NL5 offspring
 LeatherAndLace Drive Me WildMMCO n 232016-02-19NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace Nasty GirlFMCO n 09 232016-02-19NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace Sex Shooter PPMMCO d 232016-02-19NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace Sheila EFMCO f 09 232016-02-19NL/NL3 offspring
 LeatherAndLace Vanity 6 PPFMCO n 09 232016-02-19NL/NL5 offspring
 LeatherAndLace Jellylorum PPFMCO as 09 23 942012-11-12NL/NL7 offspring
 LeatherAndLace Livin' on the Edge PPFMCO n 09 23 942016-04-10NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace Walk This Way PPMMCO n 09 232016-04-10NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace Baby I'm A Star PPFMCO f 09 942014-10-17NL/NL7 offspring
 LeatherAndLace BrennaFMCO n 09 232016-08-22NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace Duvessa of MishikoonzFMCO d 212016-08-22NL/US1 offspring
 LeatherAndLace EnyaFMCO n 09 232016-08-22NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace Lyam PPMMCO d 222016-08-22NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace SineadFMCO f 232016-08-22NL/NLNo offspring
 Madepi-Coon's Nifty Red RubyFMCO d 09 222011-10-13DE/NL7 offspring
 LeatherAndLace CeliceFMCO f 09 232016-07-16NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace Take on MeMMCO d 09 232016-07-16NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace Touchy!MMCO d 09 222016-07-16NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace VelvetFMCO f 09 222016-07-16NL/NL3 offspring
 LeatherAndLace Hello DollyFMCO d 09 252015-02-28NL/NL5 offspring
 LeatherAndLace Ain't it FunFMCO f 252016-10-12NL/FRNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace AttitudeFMCO f 252016-10-12NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace New RoseFMCO f 09 222016-10-12NL/NLNo offspring
RW SGC LeatherAndLace Paradise CityMMCO d 252016-10-12NL/NL3 offspring
CH LeatherAndLace Valentino of TtcatsMMCO d 09 252016-10-12NL/US1 offspring
 Polyroid Penny for your Thoughts PPFMCO w 63 942016-07-27NL/NL4 offspring
 LeatherAndLace Crazy for YouMMCO n 09 222017-11-15NL/PL1 offspring
 LeatherAndLace SkyfallFMCO w2017-11-15NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace Nathan PP JonesMMCO w2020-03-16NL/NL No offspring
 LeatherAndLace Venus PPFMCO n 09 22 942020-03-16NL/DE1 offspring
 LeatherAndLace Chain Reaction PFMCO ns 09 942014-09-13NL/NL7 offspring
 LeatherAndLace OctaviaFMCO n 09 232018-10-02NL/NLNo offspring
 Polyroid Abbey Road PPFMCO w 632016-07-27NL/NL 5 offspring
 Polyroid Alfie AMMCO w 622018-10-05NL/NL No offspring
 Polyroid Billy BrownMMCO n 232018-10-05NL/NL No offspring
 Polyroid Freddie MMMCO w 632018-10-05NL/NL No offspring
 Polyroid Georgina PPFMCO w 622018-10-05NL/NL No offspring
 Polyroid Paddington PPMMCO w 622018-10-05NL/NL No offspring
RW CH AmayaLynx Shoyu SenbaiFMCO n 222017-09-21AT/NL5 offspring
 LeatherAndLace CallistoFMCO n 232019-05-06NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace LoganMMCO n 222019-05-06NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace MystiqueFMCO n 222019-05-06NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace RogueFMCO n 222019-05-06NL/NLNo offspring
 Yo La Tengo by Imagine GlamourFMCO f 03 252014-05-23CZ/NL1 offspring
 Charlie Zo√™ by UmojaFMCO2019-01-23NL/NLNo offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.