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Offspring of CH Cuddly Castle's Smoke On The Water, M, MCO ns, 2013-01-18, DE/DE16 offspring
 Waldemaine CaseyFMCO f2013-01-29DE/DE 1 offspring
 Waldemaine SurpriseFMCO g2014-12-15DE/DENo offspring
CH Waldemaine SchneeflockeFMCO w 632011-06-23DE/DE 6 offspring
 Waldemaine RiaFMCO ns 222014-06-01DE/DE 2 offspring
CH HairyGiants Dark PrincessFMCO fs 09 222014-04-27AT/DE 1 offspring
 Lightbringer's AdalMMCO ds 092015-07-14DE/DE 5 offspring
 Waldemaine DeniseFMCO n 09 222013-12-26DE/DE 1 offspring
 Waldemaine Nico RosbergMMCO ns 222015-04-07DE/DE 2 offspring
 Gilda SincowcoonFMCO g2011-12-06PL/DE 3 offspring
 Waldemaine SilberhauchFMCO fs2015-07-12DE/DE 5 offspring
 Waldemaine Miss ElliFMCO g2015-12-29DE/DE No offspring
 Waldemaine GretaFMCO g2014-10-01DE/DE 4 offspring
 Waldemaine Basic InstinctFMCO fs2015-07-26DE/DE 1 offspring
 Waldemaine BeaFMCO as2015-07-26DE/NL No offspring
 Waldemaine BenitaFMCO a2015-07-26DE/LU No offspring
 Waldemaine BjarneMMCO ds2015-07-26DE/DE 8 offspring
 Battle Creek's O'JadeFMCO as 222013-10-21DE/DE 2 offspring
CH Waldemaine AlberichMMCO as 222015-03-22DE/DE 1 offspring
 Waldemaine IndigolettaFMCO as 222015-03-22DE/DE 2 offspring
IC Waldemaine KamikatzeFMCO a 09 222014-06-23DE/DE 2 offspring
IC Neobiotas EnjoyFMCO as 222015-07-30DE/DE 2 offspring
 Waldemaine PepplesFMCO a2014-03-20DE/DE 3 offspring
 Waldemaine ShakettaFMCO ns2015-08-01DE/NL No offspring
 Dinah von LangenseifenFMCO d2014-06-16DE/DE 1 offspring
CH Waldemaine ChloéFMCO f2015-11-20DE/DE 5 offspring
 RoyalMainlys XavyraFMCO n2014-05-26NL/NL 1 offspring
 Gladür Paint it BlackMMCO n2016-08-31NL/NL No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.