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Offspring of Mainefield's Giny Come Lately, F, MCO f 22, 7/3/12, AT/GB7 offspring
 Starsupernova TajistanMMCO ns 095/6/12IT/GB 12 offspring
 Silverfern CassiopeiaFMCO f 0912/9/13GB/AT 7 offspring
 Silverfern Charlie The Christmas MiracleMMCO n 0912/9/13GB/GB 4 offspring
 Silverfern I am LegendMMCO ns 2211/23/14GB/GB 1 offspring
 Silverfern Ice FlowerFMCO ns 0911/23/14GB/- No offspring
 Silverfern IconFMCO n11/23/14GB/GB 2 offspring
 Millennium Volgo-Don-CoonMMCO d 03 6310/1/15RU/GB 5 offspring
 Silverfern James T. KirkMMCO ds 0911/21/18GB/AT 2 offspring
 Silverfern Jean Luc PicardMMCO ds 2211/27/18GB/DENo offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.