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Offspring of CH, RW Kyina Crossfire, M, RUS a, 1995-05-01, CA/-10 offspring
 Tsar Blu's Zemerald of KyinaFRUS a1995-05-27US/- 9 offspring
SGC, RW Talisker EmerilMRUS a1996-08-06  2 offspring
CH (CFA), RW Kyina's Angel Dust of Tsar Blu, DMFRUS a1997-08-06CA/- 4 offspring
 Kyina Louises Legacy of ZarenkaFRUS a1998-10-19CA/- No offspring
 Kyina Cajun AngelFRUS a2000-04-25CA/- No offspring
 Kyina Blue LazerFRUS a1999-08-18CA/- 4 offspring
GC Kyina FirefighterMRUS a2001-06-06CA/- No offspring
 Kyina Double DiamondFRUS a2002-06-22CA/- 5 offspring
 Kyina Kurumi of Soul LoveFRUS a2003-09-27CA/JP 4 offspring
GC Heartbeeps Casablanca of KyinaFRUS a2005-03-20US/CA 6 offspring
supreme GC Kyina The DoctorMRUS a  No offspring
CH Kyina TakeOnYou of KatzenhofMRUS a2007-02-10CA/FI 21 offspring
 Kyina BahamutMRUS a2008-07-13CA/IT 5 offspring
QGC Talisker Oline Esmerelda NindarannaFRUS a2008-07-13CA/FI 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.