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Offspring of Milda ma Tildes Gimle Girasole, M, NFO d, 5/6/14, SE/SE8 offspring
SC Barkli's Gizelle Visuell, DMFNFO n 229/3/07SE/SE14 offspring
 Milda ma Tildes Go GunsanFNFO f 245/9/15SE/- No offspring
 Milda ma Tildes Serru FrancesFNFO f 225/9/15SE/- No offspring
 Ildrasie's JagielkaFNFO n 2211/5/13SE/SE6 offspring
 Ildrasie's DodoMNFO n7/15/15SE/SE3 offspring
 Ildrasie's GuarinMNFO n7/15/15SE/- No offspring
 Ildrasie's IcardiFNFO f7/15/15SE/SE4 offspring
 Ildrasie's SantonMNFO n7/15/15SE/- No offspring
 Ildrasie's ShaqiriFNFO f 247/15/15SE/- No offspring
 Ildrasie's VidicMNFO n 247/15/15SE/- No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.