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Offspring of U'Valeska von Marquis'Zaro, F, MCO f 09 22, 12/14/11, CH/DE19 offspring
 Amicellis PicassoMMCO ns 097/17/12DE/CH 5 offspring
CH Pillowtalk's Limited EditionMMCO n 02 227/19/13DE/RU 6 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Love SongFMCO ns 09 227/19/13DE/DE 1 offspring
 CoolMotion's Blue MoonMMCO a2/11/10DE/DE 15 offspring
 Pillowtalk's LovelinessFMCO n 223/15/13DE/DE 1 offspring
 Treasure Island Fire and IceMMCO d 09 255/20/14DE/DE 23 offspring
 Pillowtalk's CambioMMCO n 09 254/14/15DE/DE No offspring
 Pillowtalk's CanonMMCO n 09 254/14/15DE/DE 11 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Passion IIFMCO d 09 2212/18/15DE/DE 3 offspring
 Pillowtalk's PocerMMCO d 09 2512/18/15DE/ES 3 offspring
 Pillowtalk's PumaMMCO n 2512/18/15DE/DE 2 offspring
 Pillowtalk's AnabelleFMCO f 09 229/20/16DE/DE 1 offspring
 Pillowtalk's LabelleFMCO d 099/20/16DE/DE 2 offspring
 Pillowtalk's MirabelleFMCO d 09 259/20/16DE/FR 3 offspring
 Pillowtalk's TarabelleFMCO f 229/20/16DE/IT4 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Miss MaximaFMCO d 09 2210/15/17DE/DE No offspring
 Pillowtalk's Miss MelodyFMCO f 0910/15/17DE/DE No offspring
 Pillowtalk's Mr. CowboyMMCO n 2210/15/17DE/DE No offspring
 Pillowtalk's Mr. MilkywayMMCO n 09 2110/15/17DE/DE No offspring
 Pillowtalk's ComancheroMMCO e 222/27/13DE/DE 4 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Jackpot JunkiMMCO n 22 097/15/14DE/DE 1 offspring
 Pillowtalk's PowerMMCO d 227/15/14DE/RU 3 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Ruby RubinFMCO d 227/15/14DE/DE 6 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.