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Offspring of Chriscoon Paint it Black, M, MCO n 09 22, 11/24/13, NL/NL17 offspring
 Nefertari Nanu of the White WitchFMCO f 095/6/10BE/NL 19 offspring
 Southmoor Cappuccino TruffleFMCO n 034/11/15NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor Lovely KikuFMCO f 03 224/11/15NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor MidSummer NightFMCO n 034/11/15NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor Paradise SpiceFMCO f4/11/15NL/NL 9 offspring
 Southmoor PumpkinPatch SwirlFMCO f 034/11/15NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor Whoopie Pie!FMCO a 01 214/11/15NL/NL 1 offspring
 Southmoor Copy CatFMCO f 036/15/14NL/NL 16 offspring
 Southmoor Hello KittyFMCO f 03 224/20/16NL/NL 1 offspring
 Southmoor Kat NippFMCO f 03 224/20/16NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor O'MalleyMMCO a4/20/16NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor Punkin'PussFMCO a4/20/16NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor Puss in BootsMMCO n 094/20/16NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor PussyFootFMCO n 034/20/16NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor Sgt. TibbsMMCO n4/20/16NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor Casterly RockMMCO d 221/16/18NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor King's LandingMMCO n1/16/18NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor Joker's JinxFMCO n 03 2211/12/18NL/NLNo offspring
 ConCoonflakes ElektraFMCO fs 09 224/4/17NL/NL 1 offspring
 Southmoor Gin RummyFMCO n 03 2211/11/18NL/NLNo offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.