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Offspring of Langstteich's E'Cartier, M, MCO n 22, DE/-5 offspring
CH Maine Coon Dynasty CherFMCO n 23DE/DE 5 offspring
 Wild-Obsession Romantic de LuxFMCO a 23DE/- 7 offspring
 Julie Vitorones CoonsFMCO n 22ES/- 2 offspring
 Harumi SweetLynxFMCO n 224/16/12ES/- 6 offspring
CH Haydee SweetLynxFMCO a 224/16/12ES/- 1 offspring
IC Rebeca Vitorones CoonsFMCO g 22ES/- 2 offspring
 Isabohe SweetlynxFMCO n 22ES/- 1 offspring
 Gretel SweetlynxFMCO g 229/13/11ES/- 2 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.