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Offspring of Säterjäntan's Herkules, M, NFO ds 02 61 62, 7/25/13, SE/SE10 offspring
 Elkington's Urban Lily RoséFNFO n 098/16/13DK/DK6 offspring
 Sakeena's Elizabeth TaylorFNFO fs 097/29/15DK/DK 4 offspring
 Sakeena's Marlon BrandoMNFO ns 037/29/15DK/- No offspring
 Sakeena's Paul NewmanMNFO ns 037/29/15DK/-No offspring
 Sakeena's Richard BurtonMNFO ns 097/29/15DK/-No offspring
 Sakeena's Robert RedfordMNFO as 037/29/15DK/- No offspring
 Sakeena's Warren BeattyMNFO ns 097/29/15DK/- No offspring
 Gatti d'Autore Gigì Lola BunnyFNFO f 224/19/12IT/IT 4 offspring
 Onceuponapaw's A Hero of the Big SnowsMNFO ds 02 21 626/30/15IT/- No offspring
 Onceuponapaw's A Midsommer Night DreamFNFO fs 03 226/30/15IT/- No offspring
 Onceuponapaw's A Reckless RomeoMNFO ns 02 216/30/15IT/- No offspring
 Onceuponapaw's A Star is BornFNFO fs 09 236/30/15IT/- No offspring

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