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Offspring of Kalaf of Vingilot, M, MCO d 22, 9/16/11, CZ/IE7 offspring
 Dotcom Yummy CupcakeFMCO n 09 226/11/11CA/IE6 offspring
 Ishcus HarrisonMMCO n 09 2212/19/13IE/IE5 offspring
 Ishcus RimskyFMCO4/1/15IE/- No offspring
 Ishcus Rock on RubyFMCO f 09 224/1/15IE/IE 2 offspring
 Ishcus RonaldFMCO4/1/15IE/- No offspring
 Ishcus Untied Colours FMCO f 09 226/21/11IE/-5 offspring
 Ishcus QuinceFMCO d 223/3/15IE/- No offspring
 Ishcus QuizzicalFMCO d 09 223/3/15IE/- No offspring
 Fur Real Face in the CrowdFMCO fs11/13/12NL/IE 1 offspring
CH Ishcus I Am I saidFMCO f 221/15/14IE/- 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.