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Offspring of Flatland's Alexis, F, NFO as 09, 1985-08-17, NO/NO8 offspring
IP & CH Torvmyra's BaldrianMNFO n 09 231985-12-24NO/NO4 offspring
GIP Libraaten's AlexMNFO a 09 221986-11-30  No offspring
 Libraaten's Avedine, DMFNFO n 231986-11-30NO/NO16 offspring
GIC Heljato's PinnochioMNFO n 09 231989-07-15  27 offspring
 Libraaten's PernilleFNFO n 09  1 offspring
 Libraaten's PinkyMNFO a 231993-12-06NO/SE No offspring
PR Libraaten's PlutoMNFO a1993-12-06NO/SE No offspring
 Libraaten's Lille MyFNFO n1995-01-06  2 offspring
EC Amor av SultanoMNFO n 091987-07-20NO/NO33 offspring
GIP Libraaten's MajaFNFO n1993-05-25NO/SE No offspring
EC FelixMNFO n 091986-02-21NO/-26 offspring
IC Libraaten's Juniperus CommunisMNFO a1989-04-08  2 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.