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Offspring of Candycoon's I Walk the Line, M, MCO n 09 25, 2012-08-02, AT/AT8 offspring
 Abesh Eternity LoveFMCO f 09 232011-05-14BE/AT 4 offspring
 Cankcats LaCumbre CarameloMMCO e 09 232014-03-13AT/AT 3 offspring
 Cankcats Loretta AmerraFMCO f 09 252014-03-13AT/AT No offspring
 Cankcats Pontiac CatalinaFMCO fs 222012-07-01AT/AT4 offspring
 Cankcats He JackoLaternMMCO2013-11-04AT/-No offspring
 Cankcats HighNoonFMCO ns 09 222013-11-04AT/AT 1 offspring
 Cankcats HonkyTonkMMCO2013-11-04AT/-No offspring
 Cankcats Vespa ColoriaFMCO g 232011-03-08AT/AT 3 offspring
 Cankcats Immortal PixieFMCO n 252013-09-16AT/AT1 offspring
 Cankcats Forever BlueJeansFMCO a 222012-07-22AT/AT 1 offspring
 Cankcats Katmai RiverFMCO a 252014-03-13AT/AT 1 offspring
 Whatatrill Violet of CankcatsFMCO a 222009-10-22US/AT4 offspring
 Cankcats Just Violets BlackKissFMCO n 252014-02-03AT/AT 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.