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Offspring of IC Myselisia's Pepino, M, NFO n 22, 4/6/12, SE/SE47 offspring
SW SC Myselisia's Northern Star, DVM, DSMFNFO f 03 2312/27/11SE/SE23 offspring
CH Myselisia's WallaceMNFO d 09 222/10/13SE/-No offspring
PR Myselisia's WathenaFNFO n 03 222/10/13SE/SENo offspring
SP Myselisia's Westwood, DVM, DSMMNFO n 03 222/10/13SE/SENo offspring
WW'13 TGC Myselisia's White CloudMNFO n 03 222/10/13SE/JP17 offspring
 Myselisia's WichitaFNFO f 03 222/10/13SE/SE13 offspring
 Myselisia's WinonaFNFO f 03 222/10/13SE/NO 12 offspring
 Myselisia's CataniaFNFO f 03 222/4/14SE/SE9 offspring
GIC Myselisia's CelticMNFO d 03 222/4/14SE/DK13 offspring
CH Myselisia's ChacaritaFNFO n 03 222/4/14SE/NO11 offspring
 Myselisia's ChelseaFNFO n 09 232/4/14SE/-No offspring
 Myselisia's CosenzaFNFO f 09 232/4/14SE/-No offspring
 Myselisia's CremoneseMNFO d 09 222/4/14SE/-No offspring
SC Migoto's Martine, DVMFNFO n 09 2211/19/10NO/NO18 offspring
IP Migoto's YacobMNFO n 09 223/18/14NO/NO 6 offspring
 Migoto's YelanaFNFO n 09 223/18/14NO/DE No offspring
IC Migoto's YljaFNFO n 09 223/18/14NO/NO2 offspring
 Migoto's YndeFNFO n 09 223/18/14NO/- No offspring
 Migoto's YngveMNFO n 223/18/14NO/GB No offspring
 Migoto's YonathanMNFO n 09 223/18/14NO/- No offspring
 Migoto's YoungMNFO n 223/18/14NO/- No offspring
IC Migoto's YvetteFNFO n 09 223/18/14NO/NO No offspring
 Tassajara's CantillonFNFO n 03 2212/23/06SE/SE15 offspring
 Myselisia's ZingoMNFO n 09 2210/13/13SE/-No offspring
GIC Skaujenta's Ædda, DVMFNFO fs 09 248/1/10NO/SE 19 offspring
 Säterjäntan's IcaruzMNFO ns 244/14/14SE/- No offspring
CH Säterjäntan's IzadoraFNFO fs 224/14/14SE/ITNo offspring
SC Säterjäntan's IzelleFNFO fs 224/14/14SE/SE18 offspring
CH Säterjäntan's IzoldeFNFO ns 244/14/14SE/SE4 offspring
IC Myselisia's EstrellaFNFO ns 09 2310/24/08SE/SE12 offspring
 Myselisia's DaphneFNFO n 248/23/14SE/-No offspring
 Myselisia's DazzlerMNFO ns 248/23/14SE/-No offspring
CH Rockringen's Ooh La LaFNFO gs 241/22/14SE/SE8 offspring
 Tough Luck's BacheloretteFNFO f 225/9/15SE/-No offspring
 Tough Luck's Bad AssMNFO n 245/9/15SE/-No offspring
 Tough Luck's Bad TasteMNFO ds 225/9/15SE/-No offspring
GIC Tough Luck's Be CoolMNFO ds 225/9/15SE/SENo offspring
 Tough Luck's Big BangMNFO d 225/9/15SE/-No offspring
 Tough Luck's Big HeroMNFO n 245/9/15SE/SE1 offspring
 Tough Luck's Black DiamondFNFO ns 225/9/15SE/-No offspring
GIP IC Zygot's Daisy, DVMFNFO f 035/14/14SE/SE1 offspring
 Nillas B:sonMNFO d 03 223/18/16SE/-No offspring
 Myselisia's GloryFNFO f 03 233/3/15SE/SE4 offspring
CH Myselisia's OliverMNFO n 09 238/12/16SE/-No offspring
 Myselisia's OpheliaFNFO f 09 238/12/16SE/-No offspring
 Myselisia's OrlandoMNFO d 09 238/12/16SE/-No offspring
 Myselisia's OthelloMNFO n 03 238/12/16SE/-No offspring
CH Zygot's Caramia BambinaFNFO n 09 242/18/11SE/SE24 offspring
 Zygot's BessieFNFO n 03 222/10/18SE/NL7 offspring
 Zygot's ShogunMNFO2/10/18SE/-No offspring
CH ambergårdens cillaFNFO n 03 221/28/09SE/SE 7 offspring
 Azalea's BonnieFNFO n 223/31/17SE/- No offspring
 Azalea's ClydeMNFO n 03 223/31/17SE/SE 1 offspring
 Cederskogens ZazzaFNFO f 09 224/16/17SE/-1 offspring
 Ringbergens AstaFNFO n 228/5/18SE/-No offspring
IC Sakeena's Lotus Elite, JWFNFO ns 09 233/30/16DK/SE 1 offspring
 Myselisia's CampariFNFO1/14/19SE/FI1 offspring
IC Pysida's GeishaFNFO fs 09 221/17/18SE/SE1 offspring
 Nillas DaniFNFO ns 09 226/11/20SE/SE No offspring
WW'18 SC Pysida's Zim-Zalabim, JW, DSM, DVMFNFO f 09 245/12/15SE/SE8 offspring
 Myselisia's Orsett BeautyFNFO n 2210/19/20SE/CH No offspring

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