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Offspring of Langstteich's Wild Fire, M, MCO d, 2009-12-05, DE/DE9 offspring
 Langstteich's S'Bella ValenciaFMCO g2008-09-11DE/DE 18 offspring
 Langstteich's Bel'FantanoMMCO n2012-02-20DE/RU 6 offspring
 Langstteich's Bella FelicitasFMCO g2012-02-20DE/RU 5 offspring
 Langstteich's Bella FilippaFMCO g2012-02-20DE/IT No offspring
 Langstteich's P'ElektraFMCO as 222005-11-15DE/DE 14 offspring
 Langstteich's WF'Hot LineFMCO f2011-04-30DE/- 2 offspring
 Langstteich's WL'EvvivaFMCO a 222010-02-15DE/DE 14 offspring
 Langstteich's Evviva LatoyaFMCO g2011-11-22DE/RU 2 offspring
 Langstteich's Evviva LaviniaFMCO g 222011-11-22DE/RU 4 offspring
 Langstteich's Evviva LorenaFMCO g 222011-11-22DE/FI 1 offspring
 Langstteich's Evviva LucindaFMCO g2011-11-22DE/AT 1 offspring
 Langstteich's X'High SocietyFMCO g 09DE/DE 1 offspring
 Langstteich's WF'High SpiritsFMCO ds 03DE/RU 3 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.