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Offspring of GEC Macawi Mosi Ryusei's Notau, M, MCO ds 09 22, 2012-06-24, NL/DE10 offspring
 Kithara's RihannaFMCO f 222012-08-14DE/DE4 offspring
 Kithara's UlyssesMMCO d 09 222013-08-05DE/DENo offspring
 Kithara's Uncle SamMMCO ns2013-08-05DE/DENo offspring
 Kithara's Undercover JayMMCO ns 09 222013-08-05DE/DENo offspring
 Kithara's United ColorsFMCO f 09 222013-08-05DE/DENo offspring
 Kithara's QuiannaFMCO n 09 222012-07-27DE/DE 2 offspring
 Kithara's Waltzing MatildaFMCO f 09 212013-12-19DE/DENo offspring
 Kithara's Water LilyFMCO fs 09 222013-12-19DE/AT 1 offspring
 Maxima vom SchillingsrottFMCO a 222013-10-29DE/DE1 offspring
 Kithara's Yoko OnoFMCO fs 09 222014-12-19DE/DE2 offspring
CH Kithara's Vanity FairFMCO f 09 232013-08-05DE/DE2 offspring
 Kithara's XiomaraFMCO d 09 232014-11-13DE/DE3 offspring
 Kithara's XonomaFMCO ds 112014-11-13DE/DE2 offspring
 Levana of Goodclaw'sFMCO n 222017-01-19DE/DE4 offspring
 Kithara's PrudenceFMCO fs 222018-11-13DE/DENo offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.