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Offspring of CH Glassrosens Wisconsin, M, RAG a 04, 5/13/12, NO/NO27 offspring
 Glassrosens IZeldaFRAG n 219/6/11NO/NO10 offspring
 Glassrosens Candy CrushFRAG a 214/4/14NO/NO9 offspring
 Glassrosens Cham ChamFRAG n 214/4/14NO/NO No offspring
 Glassrosens Diamond DashFRAG a4/4/14NO/NO 5 offspring
 Glassrosens Flappy BirdMRAG n 214/4/14NO/NO No offspring
 Glassrosens Jelly SplashFRAG n 214/4/14NO/NO No offspring
 Glassrosens Minion RushMRAG a 214/4/14NO/NO No offspring
 Glassrosens MiljaFRAG c 044/10/13NO/NO7 offspring
 Glassrosens HamletMRAG a 045/29/14NO/NONo offspring
 Glassrosens OpheliaFRAG a 035/29/14NO/NONo offspring
 Glassrosens OthelloMRAG c 045/29/14NO/NONo offspring
 Madeleine's Cacao de LuxeFRAG n 032/8/12SE/SE5 offspring
 Admire's CoinMRAG n 04 1 offspring
 Admire's IdunFRAG b 045/13/14 1 offspring
 Admire's NarviMRAG n 035/13/14SE/SE4 offspring
 Admire's OdinMRAG n 045/13/14 2 offspring
 Admire's ThorMRAG b 035/13/14 No offspring
 Naorahdolls TiffanyFRAG n 032/7/13ES/NO5 offspring
 Glassrosens Davy JonesMRAG n 038/18/14NO/NONo offspring
 Glassrosens Hector BarbossaMRAG n 038/18/14NO/NO27 offspring
 Glassrosens Jack SparrowMRAG n 048/18/14NO/NONo offspring
 Glassrosens Joshamee GibbsMRAG n 038/18/14NO/NONo offspring
 Glassrosens William TurnerMRAG n 038/18/14NO/NONo offspring
 Glassrosens Lady MorganaFRAG a 0312/9/12NO/NO10 offspring
 Glassrosens AdeleFRAG a 0311/24/14NO/NONo offspring
 Glassrosens ElvisMRAG a 0311/24/14NO/NONo offspring
 Glassrosens EnyaFRAG a 0411/24/14NO/NONo offspring
 Glassrosens Katy PerryFRAG a 0311/24/14NO/NONo offspring
 Glassrosens Lady GagaFRAG a 0411/24/14NO/NONo offspring
 Glassrosens TribecaFRAG n 03 218/12/13NO/NO22 offspring
 Glassrosens Camilla the ChickenFRAG n 03 2112/7/14NO/NONo offspring
 Glassrosens Kermit the FrogMRAG n 04 2112/7/14NO/NONo offspring
 Glassrosens Pepe the King PrawnMRAG b 0312/7/14NO/NONo offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.