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Offspring of Coonfusion Paddington Bear, M, MCO as 09 23, 2006-01-29, DE/DE29 offspring
 Coonfusion IndianaFMCO f 222004-05-10DE/DE 19 offspring
 Coonfusion UdeaFMCO fs2007-10-17DE/DE No offspring
 Coonfusion UnipeeFMCO n 222007-10-17DE/DE No offspring
 Coonfusion UsharaFMCO a 232007-10-17DE/DE 4 offspring
 Coonfusion UtaskaFMCO ns 09 222007-10-17DE/DE No offspring
 Coonfusion ViktorMMCO e 222008-03-01DE/DE No offspring
 Coonfusion ViktoriaFMCO as 09 222008-03-01DE/DE No offspring
 Coonfusion ZappaMMCO ds 09 232009-10-28DE/DE No offspring
 Coonfusion ZarahFMCO as 09 232009-10-28DE/DE No offspring
 Coonfusion ZucceroMMCO e 09 232009-10-28DE/DE No offspring
 Coonfusion ZZTopMMCO a 09 232009-10-28DE/DE No offspring
 Coonfusion ArabellaFMCO ns 09 222010-03-23DE/DE No offspring
 Coonfusion Arielle of OtukamamoanFMCO g 232010-03-23DE/CH8 offspring
 Coonfusion AurelioMMCO e 222010-03-23DE/DE No offspring
CH Coonfusion Jaimee LouFMCO g 232004-05-14DE/DE 27 offspring
 Coonfusion WeslieMMCO e 222008-10-29DE/DE No offspring
 Coonfusion WhoopieFMCO2008-10-29DE/DENo offspring
 Coonfusion WindsongFMCO as 232008-10-29DE/DE No offspring
 Coonfusion ChiliMMCO e 09 232011-01-06DE/- No offspring
 Coonfusion CocoFMCO a 09 232011-01-06DE/- No offspring
 Coonfusion UsharaFMCO a 232007-10-17DE/DE 4 offspring
 Coonfusion X-mas MoonMMCO a 09 232008-12-20DE/DE No offspring
 Coonfusion YakiniFMCO g 092009-08-27DE/DE 4 offspring
 Coonfusion BagheeraFMCO gs 232010-11-14DE/- No offspring
 Coonfusion Batida d'CocoFMCO as 09 232010-11-14DE/- No offspring
 Coonfusion BelissimaFMCO gs 232010-11-14DE/- No offspring
 Coonfusion Blue EmotionFMCO a 09 232010-11-14DE/DE No offspring
 Coonfusion Yin'yaFMCO ns 092009-08-28DE/DE5 offspring
 Coonfusion Dazzle DotsFMCO a 09 242011-03-12DE/- 3 offspring
 Coonfusion Dee JayMMCO ns 09 232011-03-12DE/- No offspring
 Coonfusion DelaneyFMCO2011-03-12DE/-No offspring
 Coonfusion DiogenesMMCO ns 09 232011-03-12DE/- No offspring
 Coonfusion H. DavidsonMMCO as 222011-03-12DE/- No offspring
 Dam'Aszena Chewlei vom SchillingsrottFMCO f2008-12-07DE/DE2 offspring
CH Kithara's Vanity FairFMCO f 09 232013-08-05DE/DE2 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.