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Offspring of CH Bronislav Crown of Siberia, M, SIB n 22, 2011-05-16, RU/PL18 offspring
 Genesis AmaviFSIB ny 222010-08-11PL/- 4 offspring
 Olissa AmaviFSIB ny 222013-02-01PL/FR 2 offspring
 Othello Amavi MSIB ny2013-02-01  2 offspring
 Etienne AmaviFSIB ny 242009-06-10PL/- 7 offspring
 Quana Amavi of PendraigFSIB ny 222013-08-29PL/US No offspring
 Quirly AmaviFSIB ay 242013-08-29PL/DE 1 offspring
IC Toscania AmaviFSIB ay 222014-11-08PL/DE 1 offspring
 Hera Perla P√≥lnocyFSIB ns 242008-07-14PL/PL 1 offspring
 Frida AndamiraFSIB n 242012-08-16PL/DE 1 offspring
 Origami AuricFSIB n 242012-07-11RU/PL 4 offspring
 Amavi UzziMSIB n 242015-02-27PL/US 1 offspring
 Udar AmaviMSIB ny 242015-02-27PL/NONo offspring
JCh. (WCF), IC Utari AmaviFSIB ay 242015-02-27PL/-1 offspring
IC Chanel Volzhskaya KrasaFSIB ny 242013-04-25RU/PL 2 offspring
 Ami Gatti bellaFSIB ny 11PL/- 1 offspring
 Ariel Gatti bellaFSIB ny 222015-08-10PL/PL No offspring
 Starsiberia VeneciaFSIB ny 222013-12-06RU/PL 4 offspring
 Wild Amber AmaviFSIB n 222015-03-17PL/NL 3 offspring
 Wild Fire AmaviFSIB ny 222015-03-17PL/PL 2 offspring
 All my Life AmaviMSIB n 222016-03-31PL/PL 5 offspring
 Fanta ManchzhuryFSIB ny 222014-07-15RU/PL 5 offspring
 Yasen AmaviMSIB ny 222015-10-31PL/PL 2 offspring
CH Yvette AmaviFSIB ny 222015-10-31PL/DENo offspring
 Vishera AngaraFSIB ny 222013-08-04RU/- 3 offspring
 Vesna AmaviFSIB ny 222015-03-11PL/- 1 offspring
 Zuleykha AmaviFSIB n 222016-03-14PL/NO11 offspring

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