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Offspring of CH Charming Coon Walk of Life, M, MCO ns 09 22, 2001-01-28, NL/NL43 offspring
 Angel CitycoonsFMCO n 09 22NL/NL 4 offspring
 Odin van Typhon BleuMMCO n 222003-04-08NL/NL1 offspring
 Luna Cats of DestinyFMCO ns 222001-03-01NL/NL 16 offspring
 Aiyana AlgonquinMMCO ns 222002-07-02NL/- No offspring
 Aiyana BangorMMCO ns 09 222002-07-02NL/- No offspring
 Aiyana Charming AngelFMCO ns 09 222002-07-02NL/NL6 offspring
 Aiyana MeganticMMCO n 222002-07-02NL/- No offspring
 Aiyana OronoMMCO ns 222002-07-02NL/- 6 offspring
 Aiyana RangeleyMMCO ns 09 222002-07-02NL/- No offspring
 Aiyana ChilailiFMCO ns 09 222003-10-12NL/- No offspring
 Aiyana ChoganMMCO n 222003-10-12NL/- No offspring
 Aiyana DyamiFMCO n 09 222003-10-12NL/- No offspring
 Aiyana IgashoMMCO ns 09 222003-10-12NL/- No offspring
 Aiyana JacyFMCO ns 222003-10-12NL/- No offspring
 Aiyana NayeliMMCO n 222003-10-12NL/- No offspring
 Lalita-Luna of Never EndingFMCO g 232001-07-23NL/NL 24 offspring
 Nova's Place EmmaFMCO ns 222003-01-12NL/- 2 offspring
 Nova's Place EvitaFMCO n 09 222003-01-12NL/- No offspring
 Nova's Place JamesMMCO n 232003-01-12NL/- No offspring
 Nova's Place KeanuMMCO d 222003-01-12NL/- No offspring
 Nova's Place LucilleFMCO f 232003-01-12NL/- No offspring
 Nova's Place MurphyMMCO n 09 222003-01-12NL/- No offspring
 Nova's Place SebastianMMCO n 222003-01-12NL/NL 34 offspring
 Nova's Place SpencerMMCO n 222003-01-12NL/- No offspring
 Nova's Place TessFMCO f 232003-01-12NL/- No offspring
 Nova's Place AvalonFMCO fs 222005-03-04NL/- No offspring
 Nova's Place ChelseaFMCO n 222005-03-04NL/- 1 offspring
 Nova's Place VictorMMCO d 232005-03-04NL/- No offspring
 Maureen van het Jungle HouseFMCO ns 22NL/NL 3 offspring
 Cheyenne from Groovy CoonsFMCO ns 09 22NL/NL 4 offspring
IC Noa from Groovy CoonsFMCO ns 09 222004-01-12NL/NL 4 offspring
 Maine Street IsaFMCO ns 092002-10-24NL/NL 5 offspring
 A Nome Di Carpe diemMMCO ns 09 222004-10-17NL/NL No offspring
 A Nome Di Que SeraFMCO ns 09 222004-10-17NL/NL No offspring
 A Nome Di SettoreMMCO ns 09 222004-10-17NL/NL No offspring
 A Nome Di Spirit of LifeMMCO ns 09 222004-10-17NL/NL No offspring
IC Motley Crew CheyennaFMCO a 232000-02-06NL/NL 3 offspring
 Toret's Tycoon Silver FoxFMCO ns 09 22NL/DE 1 offspring
 Toret's Tycoon WolverineMMCO ns 09 22NL/NL 4 offspring
 Kyara van het SaenhofFMCO d 222003-02-15NL/NL5 offspring
 Aiyana AmonMMCO d 09 222004-10-02NL/- No offspring
 Aiyana AtonMMCO d 09 222004-10-02NL/- No offspring
 Aiyana HarachteMMCO d 09 222004-10-02NL/NL No offspring
 Aiyana IsisFMCO fs 222004-10-02NL/NL No offspring
 Aiyana ThothMMCO ds 09 222004-10-02NL/NL7 offspring
 Pandora of WhitfreynickFMCO n 09 222001-11-23NL/NL 7 offspring
 Elske of WhitfreynickFMCO n 22NL/NL 1 offspring
 Emma of WhitfreynickFMCO n 09 22NL/- No offspring
 Evita Doortje of WhitfreynickFMCO n 09 22NL/NL 2 offspring
 Elvis Plato of WhitfreynickMMCO ns 09 222003-11-19NL/NL 8 offspring
 Sugar and Spice KylieFMCO f 22NL/NL 2 offspring
 Boeddha van het SaenhofMMCO ns 09 222004-11-11NL/NL No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.