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Offspring of Rihanna Queenofthecoon, F, MCO f 09 22, IT/IT13 offspring
 Langstteich's Nu'Grappa MonteMMCO as 232010-06-09DE/IT 16 offspring
 Shonycoon's Summer LandMMCO n 09 23IT/IT 9 offspring
 Shonycoon's Tyra BanksFMCO n 09 22IT/IT 12 offspring
 Shonycoon's Sierra LeoneFMCO f 232011-06-16IT/IT 3 offspring
 Shonycoon's Trono Di SpadeMMCO d 222012-01-30IT/FR15 offspring
 Shonycoon's YakimaFMCO f 222014-12-21IT/- 1 offspring
 Aloa's EmillioMMCO d 092010-02-19DK/IT 18 offspring
CH-JW Shonycoon's UnderworldMMCO n 09 IT/IT 3 offspring
 Shonycoon's WinehouseFMCO d 09 22IT/IT 10 offspring
 Shonycoon's UnbelievableFMCO d 03 222013-03-09IT/- 1 offspring
 Shonycoon's Wolfgang Amadeus MozartMMCO n 09 222014-02-26IT/CH 3 offspring
 Shonycoon's Van DammeMMCO d 22IT/IT 6 offspring
 Shonycoon's BastetFMCO d 222016-03-22IT/-4 offspring
 Shonycoon's BijouxFMCO d 09 222016-03-22IT/IT 1 offspring
 Shonycoon's ArmaniMMCO a 092015-09-28IT/IT 10 offspring
 Shonycoon's Cersei LannisterFMCO f 03 22IT/- 1 offspring
 Shonycoon's Conchita WurstFMCO n 092017-08-02IT/US No offspring

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