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Offspring of JW, CH Purrsimphony Deep Fire, M, MCO d 22, 5/20/09, IT/CZ25 offspring
 Audi of BeyrouthFMCO n 228/28/09CZ/CZ 5 offspring
 Tacoma Sky BeyrouthMMCO n 223/10/11CZ/FR 15 offspring
 Tangerine Dream Sky BeyrouthFMCO f 223/10/11CZ/DE No offspring
 Tatiana Sky BeyrouthFMCO f 223/10/11CZ/- No offspring
 Touch my heart Sky BeyrouthMMCO n 223/10/11CZ/NO3 offspring
 Bastet Sky BeyrouthFMCO f 225/5/13CZ/CZ 9 offspring
CH Subaru of BeyrouthFMCO n 2311/2/08CZ/CZ 9 offspring
 Beyrouth LexusMMCO n 235/30/10CZ/SE2 offspring
IC I'm Hope of BeyrouthFMCO f 245/5/07CZ/CZ 6 offspring
 Kalypso of VingilotFMCO f 22CZ/PL 3 offspring
 Kalaf of VingilotMMCO d 229/16/11CZ/IE7 offspring
 Kashmir of VingilotMMCO d9/16/11CZ/NO5 offspring
CH Queen Marry of BeyrouthFMCO f 226/4/08CZ/CZ 9 offspring
 Nero of BeyrouthMMCO d7/18/10CZ/BR30 offspring
 Big Giants Resort's MayflowerFMCO f 2212/31/10DE/-2 offspring
 Big Giants Resort's YadiraFMCO f 223/19/12DE/FR 5 offspring
 Big Giants Resort's YzabelFMCO f 223/19/12DE/CZ 3 offspring
 Key to Heaven Rainbow ValleyFMCO n7/1/09CZ/CZ 6 offspring
 Hecate Sky BeyrouthFMCO f12/12/11CZ/CH 11 offspring
 Hera Sky BeyrouthFMCO g12/12/11CZ/- 1 offspring
 Happy Dream of BeyrouthFMCO aCZ/CZ 4 offspring
CH Jackson Sky BeyrouthMMCO a2/22/12CZ/DE 15 offspring
 Junipero Sky Beyrouth of BajaCoonMMCO a 222/22/12CZ/BR 2 offspring
CH Just Dream Sky BeyrouthMMCO a2/22/12CZ/CZ 10 offspring
DSM DVM Diana of BeyrouthFMCO f 244/20/04CZ/CZ 10 offspring
 Victoria Sky BeyrouthFMCO g 225/1/11CZ/AT 1 offspring
 Volvo Sky BeyrouthFMCO d 225/1/11CZ/DE 1 offspring
CH Devendra Br. BrazilFMCO w 61BR/- 2 offspring
 Gazelle Sky Beyrouth of OticamiFMCO w 6411/11/11CZ/CN 1 offspring
IC Toyota of BeyrouthFMCO d 09 2212/12/08CZ/CZ 10 offspring
 Dalinda Sky BeyrouthFMCO d 09 22CZ/HU 2 offspring
 Youssephina Sky BeyrouthFMCO f 09 22CZ/CZ 4 offspring
 Tamara Sky BeyrouthFMCO g 224/4/14CZ/FR 3 offspring
 Thomas Sky Beyrouth of DCFDMMCO a 09 224/4/14CZ/- 1 offspring
IC Luciana Sky BeyrouthFMCO f 223/8/12CZ/CZ 6 offspring
 Ulf Sky BeyrouthMMCO d 224/14/14CZ/SE2 offspring
 Unique Fire Sky BeyrouthFMCO d 224/14/14CZ/CH No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.