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Offspring of Witchcats Smoke On The Water, M, MCO ns 09, 1998-08-08, DE/DE10 offspring
 Witchcats Little HellfireFMCO f 222000-04-09DE/DE 5 offspring
 Witchbreeds Doubleface Woman of TamburasFMCO g 092001-08-21DE/DE No offspring
CH Witchbreeds Mauna LoaFMCO fs 222001-08-21DE/DE 17 offspring
 Witchbreeds Pale Ryder of CoonattackMMCO es 09 222001-08-21DE/DE 7 offspring
 McNalas TiffanyFMCO fs 222000-01-21DE/DE 5 offspring
 Witchbreeds FireroseFMCO fs 09 222001-04-06DE/- No offspring
 Witchbreeds Iron MaidenFMCO fs 222001-04-06DE/- No offspring
 Witchbreeds PeacemakerMMCO ns 222001-04-06DE/DE 2 offspring
 King of Lion's M-AntarcticaFMCO w 641998-08-03DE/DE 7 offspring
 Witchbreeds SnowdropFMCO w2001-01-14DE/DK 2 offspring
RW-GC Witchbreeds Hoffbrau of CoonunnskiMMCO w 622003-02-23DE/US 7 offspring
 Witchbreeds The RootFMCO n 232001-05-30DE/DE 3 offspring
 Witchbrews Mylencka of The HaecoonFMCO n 222002-07-10DE/NL 4 offspring
CH Witchbrews Zauberer of TrutailsMMCO ns 092002-07-10DE/US 13 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.