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Offspring of GC SaraJen Alabama Slammer, M, MCO n, 9/15/93, US/US22 offspring
CH Lawhilcoon Rosalinda's EyesFMCO d 09 222/15/95US/- 4 offspring
 Stacalone Mistic EyesFMCO f 09US/- 2 offspring
CH Stacalone Simply RedMMCO d 09 225/6/97US/- 2 offspring
CH Luv-A-Coons Meadow MagpieFMCO n 0911/10/94US/US 3 offspring
 Yankeecats Oda Mae of Moscow StarFMCO n 096/13/98US/RU 19 offspring
CH Cooneyisle St. Pauli Girl of SaraJenFMCO ns5/22/95US/US 3 offspring
CH SaraJen Spirit Dancer of KellycatFMCO ns7/9/96US/- 3 offspring
 SaraJen Makers MarkMMCO ns9/7/96US/- No offspring
CH SaraJen Lone StarFMCO n 228/21/96US/-4 offspring
CH SaraJen Coontessa of WhitakoonFMCO n 227/25/97US/- 2 offspring
 SaraJen Duggans DewMMCO n 217/25/97US/- No offspring
 SaraJen Castine of MtkitteryFMCO n 216/17/98US/- No offspring
 SaraJen Creme de CassisFMCO n 226/17/98US/- No offspring
SGC Coonmora Bacall of Essie CoonsFMCO f 09 2212/12/90US/US 5 offspring
 Essie Coons RegisMMCO d 2211/24/94US/US 2 offspring
 Essie Coons Rufus of KitkorMMCO d 2211/24/94US/- 2 offspring
CH Tayaway Primrose of FlorabundaFMCO d 09 2312/17/95US/- 2 offspring
 Florabunda Classic DahliaFMCO f 22US/- 1 offspring
CH Florabunda Reyzl of SaraJenFMCO f 236/30/98-/US 1 offspring
CH Cadenza Black Onyx of IslandcatsFMCO n3/5/94US/- 1 offspring
CH SaraJen Eclipse of StarrynightsFMCO n8/5/95US/- 3 offspring
 SaraJen Asti SpumantiFMCO n 09 229/2/93US/- 2 offspring
GC SaraJen MimosaFMCO n 2212/12/94US/US 6 offspring
PR SaraJen Catch Me If You CanMMCO n 09 217/14/95US/- No offspring
CH Tayaway Sela MaeFMCO f 098/6/95US/US 3 offspring
CH Florabunda Candy TuftsFMCO n 097/21/97US/US 1 offspring
CH Coonoquan My Indian SummerFMCO fs 09 223/27/95US/- 1 offspring
CH Coonoquan MardigrasFMCO fs 091/25/97US/US 2 offspring
 Capecoon Remy Martin of SaraJenFMCO n 09 237/21/92US/- 4 offspring
 SaraJen Newcastle BrownMMCO n 214/5/96US/- No offspring
GC SaraJen Wooden Nickel of CooneyisleMMCO n 215/4/96US/- No offspring
 Islandcats Moody Blues of SaraJenFMCO a 228/8/96US/US 1 offspring
CH SaraJen Isle-of-JuraFMCO n 229/1/97US/US 3 offspring
 Unknown not foundationF
 SaraJen Carling Black LabelFMCO n3/16/96US/US 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.