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Send in Pedigrees

This is a database with Norwegian Forest Cats maintained by (DK Cayica), , , (Hirmuinen), , and (Myk SkattMus).

If you would like to contribute information to the database, or if you find anything which is incorrect in the database, please contact the database maintainer!

You can send copies of (preferably) certified pedigrees to us, copies of registration slips are appreciated too.

If you have a cat, whose both parents are already in the database you can also e-mail the information to the database maintainers. If you do, please, include the following information, if available: name, sex, title, sire name, dam name, birth date, colour, and registration number.

Send pedigrees and info to one of the database maintainers below.

Carli Hækkerup
Adamshøjvej 25
DK-4100 Ringsted

Camilla Elsner (Cayica)
DK-2000 Frederiksberg

Greg Watts

Hansje Wonink
The Netherlands

For Finland send them to:
Jutta Välimaa
Vantaa, Finland

Henna Raudaskoski
Pihlatie 10 A 6
28800 Pori

How to add pictures

We also have a gallery with pictures of Norwegian Forrest Cats, with links from the database. If you have a picture you want to publish in the gallery you are welcome to e-mail the picture to .