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Send in Pedigrees

This database of Bengal cats is maintained by (S*Wi’nteSams).

If you would like to contribute information to the database, or if you find anything which is incorrect in the database, please contact one of the database maintainers!

Please send copies of the (preferably) certified pedigrees to the address below. Copies of registration slips are appreciated too. If you can not provide copies of certified pedigrees, please mention the source of your information.

Hanny Olsen (Pedigrees only by email)

How to add health info

We only publish health info for those health programmes we are working with, and these are subject to certain rules. You can read more about it in the health programmes page. Please, check the info about the health programme you are interested in, and if you have any questions, ask the contacts for the health programme in question! Do not just send in health info to the database maintainer for your breed without checking!