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This database of Sphynx cats is maintained by , (du Clan des Otori), and .

The integrity of the database is very important and the reliability of on-line pedigrees can sometimes be doubtful. Remember that even certified pedigrees sometimes have errors. If you find errors in the database kindly contact us with the correct information.

To submit information you can send copies of certified pedigrees to us. Copies of registration slips are appreciated too. If you have other information to submit (show titles, uncertified pedigrees etc.), please mention the source of your information. You can send by post or e-mail. If you scan pedigrees please note that the quality has to be readable in print!

Helene Ossia
5 Rue de Schlierbach
68440 Eschentzwiller

Alexandra Krainer
Byttgränd 92 lgh 1201
906 27  Umeå

Malin Sundqvist