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This is a database with Russian Blue and Nebelung cats maintained by (Sereb Haze), , (Stella Lupi), and (Lolcats).

If you would like to contribute information to the database, or if you find anything which is incorrect in the database, please contact us! Scanned pedigree copies/databases or data via mail in text format or pedigree copies by mail to:

Kirsten Huinink
Van speykstraat 42b
9726 BN Groningen
The Netherlands

Marielle de Boer-Ruizeveld
Palmhout 6
2995 HL Barendrecht
The Netherlands

Annemiek Font Freide
Kasterleestraat 148
4826 GK Breda
The Netherlands

Kaisa Savolainen
Kooli 20-3
50409 Tartu