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Clone Analysis for CH Gypsy Queen Cats of Destiny, F, MCO fs 09 22, 4/6/99, NL/NL

Analysis Info

 Clones = 29.3%
Reliability of analysis 99.9% (0.0977% not traced back to foundation)
Complete List
SGC Heidi Ho Aurora of MtKittery, ODMCO n 221/9/8213.3%
QGC Heidi Ho Annabel Lee of Tycoon, ODMCO ns 231/9/825.86%
TGC Heidi Ho Richard III of Charmalot, OSMCO n 226/11/813.22%
QGC Heidi Ho Canth of TanstaaflMCO n 228/11/802.76%
QGC Heidi Ho Percival of MeunerieMCO ns 237/1/792.20%
SGC Heidi Ho Molly B. of TanstaaflMCO n 2210/19/791.03%
QGC Heidi Ho Coon Victoria, DMMCO n 238/11/800.586%
PR Heidi Ho Barnaby KattMCO ns 221/20/790.391%

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.