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Clone Analysis for Arctic Coon's Pavarotti, M, MCO n 22, 2001-09-20, NO/DE

Analysis Info

 Clones = 43.8%
Reliability of analysis 100.0%
Complete List
SGC Heidi Ho Aurora of MtKittery, ODMCO n 221982-01-0927.4%
TGC Heidi Ho Richard III of Charmalot, OSMCO n 221981-06-116.35%
SGC Heidi Ho Molly B. of TanstaaflMCO n 221979-10-193.08%
QGC Heidi Ho Percival of MeunerieMCO ns 231979-07-012.34%
CH PR Heidi Ho Justin Morgan KattMCO ns 221982-01-091.95%
QGC Heidi Ho Canth of TanstaaflMCO n 221980-08-111.56%
CH Heidi Ho Camille of CalicoonMCO ns 221982-01-090.781%
QGC Heidi Ho Annabel Lee of Tycoon, ODMCO ns 231982-01-090.293%

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.