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Foundation Analysis for Ramsus from LeMyrrr, M, SPH a 33 09, RU/RU

Analysis Info

WARNING! Reliability of analysis is only 81.1% (18.9% not traced back to foundation). Real result may be up to 18.9% higher.
Cats traced to foundation
 Q. PunkieSPH n 0914.1%
 Curare van JetrophinDRX w1979-01-0114.1%
 Q. PalomaSPH n8.98%
 Britanya Aida LottDRX f1983-07-036.16%
 Vicrock Renoir's Rex-TasyDRX n 231986-07-074.83%
 Loganderry Bamboo of RuaztecDRX n 21 321996-06-093.12%
 Hari of GrandpawsSPH d1991-08-092.93%
 Scattergold Cranberry of Z. StardustDRX d2.88%
CH Yclept Canth of CantaurDRX b 241982-01-012.88%
 Britanya Roseanne Rosa WavesDRX w1986-02-182.84%
 Unknown sire of Epidermis of Z Stardust2.69%
 Jen Jude King Tutt2.63%
 Silk Screen RipplesCRX1.75%
 Jen Jude ShebaSPH1.75%
 Kotickee Sparkle of GrandpawsDRX f1989-04-171.46%
 Britanya Union JackDRX d 331986-08-181.09%
 Jen Jude CleopatraSPH0.876%
 Anglo-tex Milhous of KotickeeDRX w 621978-04-270.812%
 Celines Eileen Dover of BritanyaDRX n1984-04-240.635%
 Britanya Earl E StarterXSH d 090.635%
 Kotickee Batcat of GrandpawsDRX n 091989-04-170.269%
 Erimicho Scatti SengaDRX n 330.269%
CH Play-G-Boy Van Plezier of BritanyaDRX n 21 321986-03-190.269%
 Jolinique EbenezerDRX d 221984-02-180.134%
 Kotickee Raoul of ArdeeDRX w 641985-04-040.101%
 Anukets Stormy Weather of ArdeeDRX n s1983-12-180.0671%
 Britanya Cree Man Sugar of ArdeeDRX e 091986-09-010.0671%
 Ardee Beegee RiadaXSH a0.0336%
Cats not traced to foundation
 BarbaraSPH n6.25%
 SilverSPH n 03 216.25%
 Grand Oray MairaSPH f 213.12%
 Ruaztec KarmenSPH fs1.56%
 Unknown dam of Les Devon Chat Giverny1.33%
 Saint Croix Denise0.391%

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.