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Foundation Analysis for Taurus, M, BEN n 22, 2003-11-10, SE/SE

Analysis Info

Top four
 Top 4 = 0.0%
Reliability of analysis 98.4% (1.56% not traced back to foundation)
Cats traced to foundation
 Millwood Tory of DelhiMAU n 241982-06-0137.4%
 Millwood Finally FoundXSH22.2%
 Unregistered Domestic Short HairXSH11.1%
 Centerwald Asian Leopard CatAsian Leopard Cat11.1%
 Millwood Tashi of DelhiMAU n 245.31%
 Wild Cajun Jambalaya of GogeesABY n1987-08-122.15%
 Little BoogarBUR n1988-01-271.86%
 Kabuki of MillwoodAsian Leopard Cat1989-05-141.56%
 Asian Leopard Cat used by NyaliAsian Leopard Cat1.56%
SGRC CH Amber of LionsmountainABY o1986-07-050.977%
 Ociville Cinjan of CatoninetailOCI OC/CINNAMON SPOTTED TABBY1987-01-140.781%
 Hydynasty's BibbityMAU EM / BRONZE SPOTTED TABBY0.549%
 Buccaneer Osiri's Tut of RamesesMAU n 240.549%
 Crestmore Queen OpheliaBEN1985-09-230.391%
 Agara KhanMAU n 240.269%
 Sergura Khan of KentAsian Leopard Cat n 241984-05-080.269%
 Millwood AllelujaMAU EM / BRONZE SPOTTED TABBY0.269%
 Bonzai (e. Hauser Alc)Asian Leopard Cat0.0977%
 Wildquest ShurcaanOCI OC / BST0.0977%
Cats not traced to foundation
 Adouzsh DawnsongBEN n 221.56%

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.