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Foundation Analysis for E-Szandor Lavey, M, SPH n 09, 1994-05-15

Analysis Info

Reliability of analysis 100.0%
Cats traced to foundation
 Jolinique EbenezerDRX d 221984-02-1825.0%
 Q. PalomaSPH n20.3%
 Q. PunkieSPH n 0918.0%
 Curare van JetrophinDRX w1979-01-0118.0%
 Britanya Aida LottDRX f1983-07-036.25%
 Unknown sire of Epidermis of Z Stardust3.12%
 Scattergold Cranberry of Z. StardustDRX d3.12%
CH Yclept Canth of CantaurDRX b 241982-01-013.12%

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.