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Foundation Analysis for GC (CFA), RW Azurski's Wild Blue Yonder, DM, M, RUS a, 1988-10-10, -/US

Analysis Info

WARNING! Reliability of analysis is only 56.5% (43.5% not traced back to foundation). Real result may be up to 43.5% higher.
Cats traced to foundation
 Pierette of RossiaRUS a1941-04-2322.3%
 Gedling MokeyRUS a4.73%
CH Zimlong (male #1)SIA *1932-01-294.17%
 Jai f.i Siam3.89%
 Dar f.i Siam3.89%
 Silvershoen PuschkaRUS a1939-01-012.87%
 Pussy f.i SiamSIA *2.75%
 Beulah SolomonRUS a1951-04-171.64%
CH Bleus JaunRUS a1935-01-261.55%
 Bingham OddityRUS a1927-06-161.54%
 Unknown dam of Grisha1.54%
 Silver WebBRI a1932-03-010.773%
CH Morning MistsBRI a1932-04-160.773%
 Pan du BoisRUS a1948-05-290.687%
 Allon f.i SiamSIA *0.551%
 Unknown dam of Archon Antonia0.546%
 Legionnaire CigaretteRUS a1947-04-010.546%
 Beulah SabrinaDOM a0.546%
 Unknown dam of Mervyn of Coryton0.397%
 Lucius of CorytonBRI n0.248%
 OlgaRUS a0.0976%
 King VladimirRUS a0.0970%
 FonteineBRI a0.0620%
 Unknown sire of Toni of Culloden0.0620%
 Tortie of IsleworthPER f0.0496%
 Unknown dam of Moscow0.0483%
 Ivan O Caes-AuletoneRUS a0.0372%
 Opal GlenSIA0.0341%
 FashodaRUS a0.0074%
 LingpopoRUS a0.0074%
CH RogneyRUS a0.0074%
 OkaRUS a0.0010%
 BlackieDOM n0.0005%
Cats not traced to foundation
 Tarzan (male #1)SIA a13.0%
 Unknown dam of Nanette of Annam5.58%
 Dunloe CrueRUS a1932-02-015.39%
 Dunloe CrusoeRUS a1932-02-015.39%
 PeterSIA *2.20%
 Unknown dam of Sylvan Tinklebell1.59%
 Unknown sire of Hill-Crest Victoria1.32%
 Unknown dam of Conklin Natalyia0.781%
 Three Crown JohanRUS a0.781%
 Natasha of PetrogradRUS a1926-09-010.768%
 Katerina of the Wharncliffe HotelRUS a0.768%
 Unknown sire of Menam of India0.551%
 Agu f. i Siam0.551%
 Tweeny MaidBRI a0.384%
 Prince PaulBRI a0.384%
 Sonia of The Wharncliffe HotelRUS a1924-07-010.384%
 MousmeeBRI a1909-04-010.291%
 Misselfore Blue PrintSIA a1943-09-130.273%
 Zy Azure PhantasySIA a1939-08-270.273%
 Donna RomaRUS a0.243%
 Bjelka vd SolitudeRUS a1963-09-080.195%
 MuffinRUS a0.194%
 Zy Ting-Luk0.137%
 Unknown sire of Zy Azure Dah0.137%
 Unknown dam of Bunty0.124%
 RevaRUS a0.0967%
 Unknown sire of Winterbourn Felix0.0683%
 Unknown dam of Ruan of Cornwall0.0620%
 Wee Winsome0.0620%
 Unknown sire of Camperdown0.0496%
 Unknown dam of Prince Olaf0.0486%
 Unknown sire of Opal Gem0.0341%
 Rycott Winnie0.0310%
 WinkipopSIA n0.0310%
 Unknown sire of Mr. Tailtop0.0310%
 TortyBRI f0.0248%
 ZebraBRI d0.0248%
 RitzaRUS a0.0242%
CH Earsfield Delta0.0233%
 Sweet Lavender0.0155%
CH Blair Athol0.0155%
 Blue Britisher0.0155%
 Barry Bluejohn0.0155%
 Scilla of Hadley0.0155%
 Bunny Hug of Hyver0.0155%
 Swallowcliffe Dollie of Thorpe0.0155%
CH Blue Cap of Thorpe0.0155%
 Gipsy Queen0.0155%
 Marsia Blue Boy0.0155%
 Beauty Dinah0.0155%
 Unknown dam of Sudbury of Delaware0.0078%
 Blue GownRUS a0.0074%
 Blue Iris0.0039%
 Patrick Blue0.0019%
 Violet BlueRUS a0.0019%
 Maxwell GrayRUS a0.0016%
 Unknown dam of Daisy0.0010%
 MichaelRUS a0.0006%
 Hawthorne Mousie0.0002%
 Unknown sire of Garboldisham Gerbold0.0002%
 Tide Bond0.0002%
 Timothy Perkins0.0002%

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.