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Foundation Analysis for IP & CH Torvmyra's Baldrian, M, NFO n 09 23, 1985-12-24, NO/NO

Analysis Info

Reliability of analysis 100.0%
Cats traced to foundation
 SpirellaNFO ns 091976-06-0518.8%
EP & CH TimoteiNFO n 09 231977-04-0118.8%
 LurvaNFO n 231982-04-0512.5%
 Unknown sire of Trollsaga's Justin12.5%
 SusyNFO n 099.38%
 Unknown sire of Tussi9.38%
 TrulsNFO n 239.38%
 RuskaNFO a4.69%
 Unknown sire of Grynet4.69%

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.