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Foundation Analysis for Pillowtalk's Bahama, F, MCO f 22, 9/27/14, DE/-

Analysis Info

Top five
 Top 2 = 41.9%
 Top 3 = 57.4%
 Top 5 = 72.9%
Reliability of analysis 99.9% (0.0765% not traced back to foundation)
Cats traced to foundation
 Bridget Katt of Heidi Ho [Florida, US]MCO fs4/6/6920.9%
 Andy Katt of Heidi Ho [Maryland, US]MCO n 09 234/10/6920.9%
TGC Dauphin de France of Tati-Tan [New York, US]MCO n 09 235/20/6715.5%
CH Tatiana of Tati-Tan [US]MCO f 2212/24/658.36%
 Smokie Joe of Whittemore [Maine, US]MCO n7.10%
 Princess Sue of Whittemore [Maine, US]MCO w3.46%
 Ginger of Whittemore [Maine, US]MCO d 21 942.63%
 Whittemore Mystique of War-Tell [Maine, US]MCO n1.72%
 Whittemore Black Jack of War-Tell [Maine, US]MCO n1.72%
 Tortilla of Whittemore [Maine, US]MCO f1.45%
 Harobed Augusta [US]MCO d 211.20%
 Harobed Alexander [US]MCO a 231.20%
 Nomen of Yankeecats [Idaho, US]MCO n 091.17%
 Abishai of Sundar [Wisconsin, US]MCO a 09 944/19/721.10%
 Missey V [US]MCO ns 211.10%
 Mittens II [US]MCO n 091.10%
CH Snow Queen of Yankeecats [Idaho, US]MCO w 640.845%
CH Black Jack of Yankeecats [Idaho, US]MCO n0.845%
 Gingersnap of Yankeecats [Idaho, US]MCO d 230.584%
 Cally [US]MCO f 09 210.584%
 Fritz G. Edsel [US]MCO d 09 230.434%
 Wee Lassie [US]MCO n 230.406%
 Laddy [US]MCO n 230.406%
 De Richelieu White Fox [Maryland, US]MCO w 620.404%
 Penny of Whittemore [Maine, US]MCO d 210.357%
 Ringo of Whittemore [Maine, US]MCO d 210.204%
 Miss Georgia Brown of Havenwood [US]MCO w 630.204%
 Pupuli Georgie Girl [US]MCO g0.188%
 Pupuli Mahalo Nui [US]DOM0.188%
GC Mr. Shikar of Shamba Letu [US]MCO n 238/7/770.165%
 De Richelieu Pussyfoot [Maryland, US]MCO w0.161%
 Blue Boy of Pointless Forest [US]MCO a 090.139%
 Blue Moon [US]MCO a0.126%
 Zebina of Sundar [Wisconsin, US]MCO ns 090.124%
 Illya Silver Morning A.M. [Connecticut, US]MCO ns 220.121%
 Onat Little Twin [US]MCO e0.116%
 Onat Beau [US]MCO n 09 210.116%
 Onat Hippie [US]MCO n 09 210.0920%
 Snowball of Pupuli [US]MCO w0.0859%
GC Sir Driftwood of Pupuli [US]MCO w0.0859%
 Jochebed of Sundar [Wisconsin, US]MCO n 230.0847%
 Lynart Jamie [Maine, US]MCO n0.0809%
 Valentine Shebie [US]MCO w0.0807%
 Snow Queen of Le Beau Minu [Maine, US]MCO w0.0797%
 Fluffy [US]MCO n0.0730%
 Snowball [US]MCO ns 110.0730%
 Family Zoo Bambi [US]MCO f0.0695%
 Family Zoo Blacky [US]MCO n0.0695%
 Boo-Tsi of Tesora [US]MCO n0.0682%
 Big Red of Tesora [US]MCO d 09 230.0682%
 Havenwood Blue Boy [US]MCO a 090.0682%
 Jemima Petticoat [Maine, US]MCO ns0.0672%
 Momma [Maine, US]MCO g 097/1/740.0651%
 Monhegan Mac [Maine, US]MCO d 09 224/1/760.0651%
 Princess Puff of Whittemore [Maine, US]MCO w0.0643%
 Blue Boy of Whittemore [Maine, US]MCO a0.0643%
 Tuffy IV [Maine, US]MCO n 09 210.0584%
CH Miss Paisley [US]MCO f 09 210.0523%
 Fiona of Kerry-Kit [Maine, US]MCO f 093/17/710.0496%
 Roscoe [US]DOM d 09 230.0488%
 Dirigo Hunne Whiskey [Maine, US]MCO g 090.0448%
CH Sergeant Whiskers of Schick [Virginia, US]MCO n 230.0447%
 Veera of Mladia [Pennsylvania, US]MCO n0.0374%
 Unknown sire of Mladia Titania of Cork0.0374%
 Miriam of Sundar [Wisconsin, US]MCO n 09 229/30/750.0365%
 Lady Luck of Marala [US]MCO ns 227/1/810.0350%
 Snowflake III [Maine, US]MCO w 620.0292%
 Sniffles [Maine, US]MCO n 090.0292%
 Choate Tortie Tushoes [Maine, US]MCO f0.0288%
 Priscilla [US]MCO n 09 230.0262%
 Mr. Yankee Dandy [US]MCO n 230.0262%
 Miss Joy de Jean Patou [Connecticut, US]MCO f0.0249%
 Cauldron Tynker Belle [US]MCO n0.0239%
 Shy Precious of Schick [Virginia, US]MCO f 230.0224%
 Miss Priss of Patchet [Virginia, US]MCO n 09 210.0224%
 Freeda of Mladia [Pennsylvania, US]MCO ds 09 210.0204%
 Sammie of Mladia [Pennsylvania, US]MCO d 220.0204%
 Thunderpaws Seedrack [Maine, US]MCO d 230.0198%
 Mittie of Ktaadn [US]MCO n 09 210.0182%
 Davis II [US]MCO n 090.0182%
 Chockie Couture Choate [Maine, US]MCO ns 11 941/1/770.0180%
 Duchess Choate [Maine, US]HCX n 220.0173%
 Ragamuffin of Tufpaws [US]MCO f 090.0166%
 Satin 'n Lace of Le Beau Minu [Maine, US]MCO ns 210.0165%
 Mollie Parnis of Illya [Maine, US]MCO f 097/15/770.0165%
 Sundar Tamar [Wisconsin, US]MCO n 092/28/760.0155%
 Wyndrivers Miss Chicklets [US]MCO f 210.0142%
 Kazkat Sweet Pea [Maine, US]MCO n0.0131%
 Lucky Lady [Maine, US]MCO f 092/14/950.0122%
 Autumn Daze [Maine, US]MCO n 0910/12/940.0122%
 Kris-Ki Firecracker [Maine, US]MCO f0.0104%
 Justine Michele [US]MCO w0.0103%
 Henry VIII Goodie Boy [US]MCO ns 210.0103%
 Li'l Crickett of Le Beau Minu [Maine, US]MCO n0.0091%
 Constane [Maine, US]MCO n 095/13/810.0080%
 King Henry VIII Fluffamutter [US]MCO a 090.0080%
 Kazkat Daisy [Maine, US]MCO n0.0066%
 Kazkat Danny [Maine, US]MCO n 210.0066%
 Pansy [Maine, US]DOM f 220.0061%
 Mr. Cherokee Red of Tuffruff [US]MCO d 233/9/820.0061%
 Torrie Brook of Thunderpaws [Maine, US]MCO f 09 210.0061%
 Sascha Crandall of Thunderpaws [Maine, US]MCO f0.0061%
 Bigfoot Crandall of Thunderpaws [Maine, US]MCO n0.0061%
 Kris-Ki Okie [Maine, US]MCO d 09 210.0055%
 Kris-Ki Polka Dot [Maine, US]MCO n 02 210.0055%
 Kris-Ki Frosty [Maine, US]MCO n0.0052%
 Kris-Ki Smoogy [Maine, US]MCO n 020.0052%
 Georgia Girl LoveMCO g0.0035%
 Thunderpaws Soloman [Maine, US]DOM d 220.0031%
 Thomaston [US]MCO ns 013/22/780.0031%
 Kris-Ki Halloween [Maine, US]MCO n0.0027%
 Kris-Ki Winter [Maine, US]MCO w0.0027%
 Handsome Fellow [Maine, US]MCO n 230.0027%
 Kris-Ki Beebop [Maine, US]MCO n 210.0027%
 Kris-Ki Tana II [Maine, US]MCO n 210.0027%
 Kris-Ki Candelight [Maine, US]MCO n 210.0027%
 Kris-Ki King Tom [Maine, US]MCO n 09 230.0027%
 Kris-Ki Pretty Girl [Maine, US]MCO n 09 210.0027%
 Kris-Ki Racoon [Maine, US]MCO n 09 210.0027%
 Dacey Darlin [Maine, US]DOM n 09 230.0015%
 Janie Tarbox Choate [Maine, US]MCO ns 2212/15/810.0015%
 Whales Back Casie [Maine, US]DOM f0.0011%
 Whales Back Red [Maine, US]DOM d 09 210.0011%
 Shamba Letu Safari Sun0.0011%
 Mr. Simba of Shamba Letu [US]0.0011%
 Whales Back Scruffy [Maine, US]MCO a 090.0010%
 Le Beau Minu Snowflake [Maine, US]MCO w 620.0008%
 Bayley Choate [Maine, US]MCO f 090.0008%
 Sundar Rei [Wisconsin, US]MCO x c0.0006%
 Jezzie Girl Choate [Maine, US]HCX ns 110.0004%
 Whales Back Puddy [Maine, US]DOM0.0003%
 Firestar Snowwhite [Maine, US]MCO w0.0003%
 Firestar Harry [Maine, US]MCO n 09 210.0003%
 Firestar Samantha [Maine, US]MCO a0.0003%
 Firestar Scrapper [Maine, US]MCO n0.0003%
 Firestar Misty [Maine, US]MCO a 210.0003%
 Firestar Blacky [Maine, US]MCO n0.0003%
 Firestar Sheena [Maine, US]MCO n 09 210.0003%
 Firestar Big Tom [Maine, US]MCO a 210.0003%
 Whales Back Litta [Maine, US]DOM0.0002%
 Whales Back Whitefoot [Maine, US]DOM a 09 210.0001%
Cats not traced to foundation
 Lantrun Dandy Mocha MacroMCO n 230.0443%
 Thistle TaymaMCO0.0061%
 Havenwood IntrimMCO w0.0043%
 Havenwood InterlopperMCO w0.0043%
 Silver Showcase of PurrbredMCO ns 210.0039%
CH Racacoon Kansas City Jazz MineMCO0.0031%
 Purrbred Kaleidoscope0.0019%
 Vereinshaft Bast0.0010%
 Vereinshaft Brinirin0.0010%
 Vereinshaft Brin0.0010%
 Vereinshaft BristMCO d 210.0010%
 Kris-Ki SatanMCO n 210.0007%
 Kris-Ki Looks CoonMCO n 09 210.0007%
 Kris-Ki Leggy LadyMCO n 090.0007%
 Kris-Ki CharlieMCO n 090.0007%
 Pepin Majnik LedoufMCO ds 210.0006%
 Unknown dam of Magnificoon Sheba0.0005%
 Mladia Foxfire0.0005%
 Mladia KuhrryMCO *030.0005%

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.