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Foundation Analysis for Endless Blue Dream D'Eole Coon's, M, MCO a 09 22, 2009-12-22, FR/FR

Analysis Info

Top five
 Top 2 = 0.0%
 Top 3 = 0.0%
 Top 5 = 0.0%
Reliability of analysis 100.0%
Cats traced to foundation
 Canada Graceland of PrairiebabyMCO n 09 232002-10-1025.0%
 Find Me In The River of PrairiebabyMCO e 091994-03-1021.9%
 Prairiebaby Drench The Barren Land [Manitoba, CA]MCO a 09 2115.6%
 Salem of Jarnac [Maine, US]MCO n2004-05-2012.5%
 Strength in Mercy of Prairiebaby [Manitoba, CA]MCO f 09 237.81%
 Mercy is Falling of Prairiebaby [Manitoba, CA]MCO n7.81%
 Promise of New Life of Masterweaver [Manitoba, CA]MCO e 01 231998-04-256.25%
 Prairiepoly of Masterweaver [Manitoba, CA]MCO a 09 23 941.56%
 Farmer's Daughter of Prairiebaby [Manitoba, CA]MCO n 230.781%
 Unknown sire of Masterweaver Creation Shows Your Face [Manitoba]0.781%

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.