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Foundation Analysis for GEC Miki Sanukis Pina Colada, F, SPH w 62, 2000-06-12, NL/NL

Analysis Info

Reliability of analysis 98.4% (1.56% not traced back to foundation)
Cats traced to foundation
 Q. PunkieSPH n 099.47%
 Curare van JetrophinDRX w1979-01-019.47%
 Britanya Aida LottDRX f1983-07-039.38%
 Q. PalomaSPH n7.62%
 Britanya Union JackDRX d 331986-08-186.25%
CH Play-G-Boy Van Plezier of BritanyaDRX n 21 321986-03-196.25%
 Capemay Jaffa of BemisuDRX h1992-09-076.25%
 Britanya Roseanne Rosa WavesDRX w1986-02-185.47%
 Orbi Von PlezierDRX n 091989-03-224.69%
 LucySPH d 093.91%
 Remers DraculaXSH n3.91%
 Anglo-tex Milhous of KotickeeDRX w 621978-04-273.32%
 Unknown sire of Epidermis of Z Stardust1.90%
 Scattergold Cranberry of Z. StardustDRX d1.90%
CH Yclept Canth of CantaurDRX b 241982-01-011.90%
 Jen Jude King Tutt1.61%
 Belfry Belinda BatfryDRX e1988-06-191.56%
 Silk Screen RipplesCRX1.07%
 Jen Jude ShebaSPH1.07%
 Vicrock Renoir's Rex-TasyDRX n 231986-07-070.781%
 Kotickee Batcat of GrandpawsDRX n 091989-04-170.781%
 Celines Eileen Dover of BritanyaDRX n1984-04-240.586%
 Britanya Earl E StarterXSH d 090.586%
 Jen Jude CleopatraSPH0.537%
Cats not traced to foundation
 Britanya Blue Ming Nuisance of Jokatta1.56%

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.