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Ocicat standard in FIFe (CFA almost the same, see pattern)

General Appearance The Ocicat is a medium to large, well-spotted agouti cat of moderate type. It displays the look of an athletic animal, well muscled and solid, graceful and lithe, yet with a fullness of body and chest. It is alert to its surroundings and shows great vitality.
This powerful athletic, yet graceful, spotted cat is particularly noted for its "wild appearance".
Size Medium to large.
Head Shape The skull is a modified wedge showing a slight curve from the muzzle to the cheeks, with a visible, but gentle rise from the bridge of the nose to the brow.
Muzzle Broad and well defined with a suggestion of squareness and in profile shows good length.
Chin/Jaw Strong with a firm jaw with a proper bite.
Whisker pad The moderate whisker pinch is not to severe.
Ears Shape Alert, moderately large.
When present ear tufts extending vertically from the tips of the ears are a bonus.
Placement Set so as to corner the upper, outside dimensions of the head.
If an imaginary horizontal line is drawn across the brow the ears should be set at 45° angle, i.e. neither too high nor to low.
Eyes Shape Large, almond in shape, and angled slightly upwards towards the ears, with more than the length of an eye between the eyes.
Color All eye colors except blue are allowed.
There is no correspondence between the eye color and the coat color.
Intensive color is preferred.
Neck   The head is carried gracefully on an arched neck.
Body Structure Rather long-bodied, solid, with depth and fullness but never coarse. Substantial bone and muscle development, yet with an athletic appearance.
There should be some depth of chest with ribs slightly sprung.
The back is level to slightly higher on the rear, and the flanks are reasonably level.
Legs   Medium long, of good substance and well muscled, powerful and in good proportion to the body.
  Paws Oval and compact, with size proportion to the legs.
Tail   Fairy long, medium slim with only a slight taper and with a darker tip.
Coat Structure Short, smooth and satiny in texture with a lustrous sheen; tight, close lying and sleek, yet long enough to accommodate the necessary bands of color.
There should be no suggestions of woolliness and length.
Color All colors should be clear and pleasing.
The lightest color is usually found on the face around the eyes, on the chin and lower jaw. The darkest color is found on the tip of the tail.
Contrast is scored separately.
All hairs except the tip of the tail are banded. Within the markings hairs are tipped with a darker color, while hairs in the ground color are tipped with a lighter color.
Distinctive markings should be clearly seen from any orientation. Those on the face, legs and tail may be darker than those on the torso. Ground color may be darker on the saddle and lighter on the underside, chin and lower jaw.
Penalties should be given if spotting is faint and blurred, though it must be remembered that pale colors will show less contrast than dark ones.
For darker varieties refer to following tables.
Pattern   The pattern is that of a spotted cat, for the general description of the spotted pattern refer to the General Part. Here only the features of the pattern which are characteristic of this breed are described.

The markings on the head are the same as for spotted cats.
There are broken necklaces on the throat and broken bracelets on the lower legs – the more broken the better.

Rows of round spots run along the spine from the shoulder blades to the tail.

Spots are scattered across the shoulders and hindquarters, extending as far as possible down the legs.

Large well-scattered thumbprint shaped spots appear on the sides of the torso, with a subtle suggestion of a classic tabby pattern – a spot circled by spots in place of the bull's eye.

CFA breed Standard
There is an intricate tabby "M" on the forehead, with markings extending up over the head between the ears and breaking into small spots on the lower neck and shoulders.
Mascara markings are found around the eyes and on cheeks.
Rows of round spots run along the spine from shoulder blades totail.

The tail has horizontal brush strokes down the top, ideally alternating with spots, and a dark tip.
Spots are scattered across the shoulders and hindquarters, extending as far as possible down the legs.
There are broken bracelets on the lower legs and broken necklaces at the throat – the more broken the better.
Large well-scattered, thumbprint-shaped spots appear on the sides of the torso, with a subtle suggestion of a classic tabby pattern – a spot circled by spots in place of the bull’s eye.
The belly is also well spotted.
The eyes are rimmed with the darkest coat color and surrounded by the lightest color.
Penalties should be given for elongated spots following a mackerel pattern.
  • The Ocicat is medium to large in size; it should be noted that females are generally smaller than males.
  • An allowance is made for jowls in mature males.
  • The Ocicat should have surprising weight for its size.
  • The overall structure and quality of this cat should be of greater consideration than merely the size alone.
  • Preference is given to the athletic, powerful and lithe, and objections made to the bulky or coarse.
  • No reds, creams or torbies are allowed. Very rufous cinnamon and fawns may resemble red or cream, but never produce female torbies.
Faults Body
  • Bulky and coarse.
  • Faint and blurred markings
  • Elongated spots following a mackerel pattern
Disqualification Eyes Blue eyes
  • White locket or spotting
  • White anywhere other than around the eyes, nostrils, chin and upper throat - except white agouti ground in silver colors.


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South America

Cattery Name Facebook Owner(s) Status


Rain Forest   Samanta Ughelli (on facebook)  


Shinkara Shinkara on facebook Isabelle Ricard  


 United States

Cattery Name Facebook Owner(s) Status
AbbysAngels Abbys on Facebook Laurie Howard Retired
Auxarcs   Barb Stewart  
Blackwater Blackwater on Facebook Sonja Moscoffian  
Calumet Cats   Fran Volkman  
Catiators Catiators on Facebook Anne McCulloch & Denise Clark  
Catoninetail Catoninetail on Facebook Kate Bynum  
Catzajammin   Ted Alex  
Chaoci   Deborah Metz  
Chisholm Trail Chisholm Trl on Facebook Alexandra & Jesse Chisholm  
Cosmic Spots Cosmic Spots on Facebook Joann & Anthony Allen  
Dalai   Virginia Daly founder
Donamae   Dona Mae, James & Jamie Dough  
DotDotDot   Roger & Nancy Brown  
Dreamsong Dreamsong on Facebook Daedra Marshall  
Eddoko   Sally McGinnis  
In2Spots   Lynn Boelter/N. Quigley/J. Bennett  
Karrklan   Ellen Karr  
Kezkatz KezKatz on Facebook Jerry Smith  
Keltoi   Tara Kozacari  
Konza   Donna Johnson  
Low Country LowCountry on Facebook Jacqui & David Bennett  
Mango Tango   Patty Arnold  
Megadots   Dottie & Bob Ehlers  
Midnite Moon Midnite Moon on Facebook Robin & Maren Madigan  
Ocicountry   Don Bozeman & Jerry Katzy  
Ocigatos Ocigatos on Facebook Kathy Gumm  
Ocimanor   Russ Haller  
Ocimon Ocimon on Facebook    
Ociopia   Sherry & Shannon Campbell  
Ocipaws   Carolyn Causey  
PikesPeak   Dian Darr  
Purrfurdots   Trudy Kline  
Rockn' Spots   Mike & Sandy Wagner  
Saga   Shana Otis-Kuhnert  
SpotOn   Mike Wagner & Patti Arnold  
Tavilus   Neil Quigley  
Tesserae   Rebecca Garvin  
Walnuthollow   Karen Hess  
Wild Rain   David & Carol Freels  
Wild Tracks   Sue Riley & Mark Henrichs  
Wind Haven   Carol Drymon  
You Wild Thing You Wild Thing on Facebook Lisa Bradford (//www.pawpeds.com/OCI/Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den." style="color: black; font-weight: normal;">email)  

For status of the American breeders
As far as it's to our knowledge these breeders are active.
A more complete list of historical breeders, Please check the private site of Anne Conrad McCulloch site for more information, this due to copyrights issues!


Cattery name Facebook Owner(s) Status



Manigordo   Assya Kitanova  


Harski Harski on Facebook Dorotea Modrcin  

Czech Republic

Born to Love   Jolana Bejleková  
Neli   Helena Jecná  
Night Glow   Jana Muchnová Valcová  
Regard Sauvage   Marketa Slámová  
Tacico   Barbora Jecná  
Wake Up Kiss   Gabriela Kissová  



Aiko's   Melina Marianne Alison Friis Closed
Betonica Betonica on Facebook Gurli Pedersen  
Catborg   Kristina Christensen Closed
Kisangani   Vibeke & Kurt Lind Closed
Hindkjær's Hindkjær's on facebook Marianne & Lars Hindkjaer  
Jakobcat   Jørn & Tove Jakobsen Closed
Polgara's   Sara Hartmann Kofoed Nielsen Closed
Rally Cat's Rally Cat's on Facebook Ulla Knudsen  
Sea Coon's   Marianne Povlsgaard Closed
Vinbæk   Steen & Sonja Vinbæk Closed
Watamu   Grete Højgaard Jensen  
Weilgaard's   Jan & Linda Rasmussen  
Wikawavivill Wikawavivill on Facebook Finn Lange  
Øjenfryd   Lena Breitholtz Closed


Cattery name






Animagi Animagi on Facebook   Closed
Amare-Cattus Amare-Cattus on Facebook    
Anórien's     Closed
Boliviliki   Mari Koskela  
Cocopah     Closed
Guttatus   Marjo Vormisto  
Hiutaleen Hiutaleen on Facebook    
Ikikuun   Seija Heinola  
Moosegrove Moosegroove on Facebook Saari Jääskeläinen  
Northalla Northalla on Facebook Ulla Haapanen & Jari Hopsu  
Old-Indian   Ulla Korjala  
Punakuun Punakuun on Facebook Sini Petranen  
Recknagel   Marjo & Merja Mäkinen  
Riddle Riddle on Facebook Mia Östergård & Tony Silander  
Rollick Rollick on Facebook Pekka & Anne-Marie Kangas  
Shegur'n     Closed
Silvercomet Silvercomet on Facebook Emmi Ruukki  
Topspot   Maija Markelin  
Uniikki Uniikki on Facebook Sanna & Harri Pekonen  
Woodcocks Woodcocks on Facebook    



d´Orbigny     Bengal
Ocicat land Ocicat land on Facebook    



Daywalker     Closed
Eves Island   Eva Sube Closed
Ocicat Angel   Yvonne Bernstein  
Ocicats v. Kisdorf
Ocicat-Welt on Facebook KatrinWilson  
Ocicat von Elvellon   Kristen Pfinst Closed
Ocicat von Sinntal   Holger & Beate Strott  
Ocicats Stars   Sylvia & Hartmut Hoyk  
Spotted Dream   Joanna Fechner  
von der Bucht   Tina Treiber Closed
von Eisenstein      




Cattery name






Anapus Slenio   Birute Valiuskiene  

Cattery name






Cattery De OciSpot Cattery De OciSpot on Facebook Monique & Rob Funk  
DDD Catmate DDD Catemate on Facebook Bianca Verweijmeren Cheetoh
van Ermelinde   Gerard & Magda Wassing  
Goobita Yangatin   Els van den Berk  
Meulicats   Mischa Grob  
Nimble Nymph   Marlies Koorenneef  
Oci van Diem Oci van Diem on Facebook Bertie & Aldert Otten  
Obsidiaan   Henk & Diana Feenstra Mau
Tenzai ocicats
OcicatCatteryTenzai on Facebook Maud & Marcus van Gageldonk  
Withywindle Withywindle on Facebook   Closed
of Yantra's Bellfire   Marja & Ed de Jong  
Zebdaj   Henk & Wiljo van der Heijden  



  Line Edvartsen  
Arcticat's   Margon Haustreis Closed
  Trine & Christer Solskogen Closed
  Britt K. Ø Johansen Closed
Bakste Pus Bakste Pus on Facebook Svein & Siv Grøtness  
Curiosa's Curiosa's on Facebook Stina Fjell Hagen Closed
JavRoc's   Bitta Mørk Closed
Li-Jon Pus   Linda Kristin Ortang  
Libitum   Tone Hofstad Closed
Nerdens Nerdens on Facebook Inger Gjerull  
Onkel Ceasar's   Marit Høvde Closed
Oliveroci's   Kristen Laekness Closed
Solefall   Hanne Luthen Closed
Strandbo's   Gerd & Sigurd Bjørnsen  
Tacheoci's   Anne Widnes Closed



Bappikta Bappikta on Facebook Justyna Janusz Lewandowscy  
Lunar Spell Lunar Spell on Facebook    
Smile Spots      



Amagitsune Amagitsune on Facebook Irina Koroleva  
Emibell Emibell on Facebook Marina Moleva  
Radiant   Svetlana Skibyuk  



von Kronenfeld Von Kronenfeld on Facebook Michal Adamac & Marcela Adamcová  

Cattery name






Agassou's     Closed
Amérox     Closed
Alsmarks Alsmarks on Facebook Cecilia & Björn Alsmark  
Axiom's     Closed
Blå Tornet      
Buddhas     Closed
Bokskogens   Anneli Johansson Closed
Catgold's     Closed
Cats Are Us   Thomas & Hanni Askeryd  
Chevas     Closed
Cherek's   Annika Tranberg Closed
Coco-Donna's   Ann-Christine & Henrik Pettersson  
Compact Lepoard     Closed
Currys     Closed
Dinkum     Closed
Enbacka Gårds   Mikael Bjelkesten  
Fröken Fräken     Closed
Fridkullas     Closed
Flax     Russian Blue
G'ocis     Closed
Goldshadow's     Closed
Gutekatten   Mikael Qwiberg  
Halifax   Jessica Jarldotter Closed
Harimaus     Closed
Heavy Metal's Heavy Metal's on Facebook Ann Cedergren  
Hot Country's   Lena Boskär-Lööf  
Hot Thundereans Hot Thunderans on Facebook Hans & Paulo Boskar  
Ironwood's     Closed
John-Johns   Ingrid Imkan  
Kammvers     Closed
Junglespots Junglespots on Facebook Sabina Engler  
Kattkompisarna Kattkompisarna on Facebook Ellinor Persson  
La Famiglia´s   Annika Taffo  
Lis-Katt   Helene Lis non-active
LättaTassar   Stephanie Regel & Per Smitt Closed
Maghreb´s   Maria Christiernin  
Meavita's Meavita's on Facebook Erika Blomqvist  
Mumindalens     Closed
Marble & Silk's   Pernilla Hansson  
OzzySpots   Cathrine Olsbo  
Ocimax     Closed
Ocimaria   Maria Gyllå  
Pagngle's   Agneta Glennsten  
PartyCats   Linda Andreasson  
Powerspots   Per Lindqvist  
Skillingens   Åsa Nilsson  
Smallpaws   Ida Esberg Högsten  
Staccato   Ingeborg Palmér Closed
SweetPaw's   Anna Olsén  
Ten Points     Closed
Tonga-Toy's   Anneli Pettersson Closed
Vargagårdens   Terttu Lehto Closed
Venator's   Carl-Johan Hall  
Wagga Wagga's   Camilla Fant  
Wham's   Kenjon Jonasson Closed
Wild Turf's   Laila & Mikael Closed



Spotted Beauty Spotted Beauty on Facebook Franziska Ruprecht  



Breeze cats Breeze cats on Facebook Natalia Andreeva  


United Kingdom

Aalspotz   Sue & Paul Threapleton Savannah
Ameeka   Stacie & Ian Shorten  
Lydgate Lydgate on Facebook Linda Dungworth  
DK*Mandix   Frank & Karin Mandix  
Manchado   Gary & Danny  
Nwela   R McLeod  
Pardalis   Manuela & Graham Croft  
Silversmoke   Barbra & Ron Darby Closed
Thickthorn   Rosemary Caunter  
Thor´s Oak Thor's oaks on Facebook Monika & Owen Maudlin  
Vervain   Naomi J Johnson  
Yesso   Rita Leggett  


Cattery name Facebook Owner(s) Status




Maz Esemais Zamina on Facebook Zamina Zainal Ariffin  
Zuyyin Amir on Facebook Amiruddin Am Sariff  
Widad Widad on Facebook Mohd Suhaireel  



Cattery name Facebook Owner(s) Status

Jasmarezcats Jasmarezcats on Facebook Tracie-Anne Kearns  
Ocivalley   Colin Batchelor Closed
Ozcatz   Nicole Closed
Wild Thing     Closed
Zayenah   Amanda Herde  

New Zealand

Abyrose   Jodey Robinson-Wildey  
Chezami Chez Ami on Facebook Kelly Payne  
Kemenkat   Gail Warwick Aby
Natscats Natscats on Facebook Natalie Ann Sandbrook  
Optispot Optispot on Facebook Julie Boyd  
Portfields Portfields on Facebook Emma Bottema  



Detta är inte tänkt att vara en allomfattande lista över alla Ocicat-katter som finns, utan snarare en guide och ett exempel på vad det är möjligt att hitta genom stamtavelforskning.

Så vitt vi vet är de katterier som inte har STÄNGT som status för närvarande aktiva uppfödare. Ett katteri eller uppfödare som inte listas på den här webbplatsen betyder inte nödvändigtvis att de inte är aktiva.

Ocicat @ PawPeds rekommenderar, garanterar eller garanterar inte på något sätt hälsa, temperament, vinnande potential, fertilitet, typ etc. för katter och kattungar från katterna som anges här. Stamtavla tillhandahålls av uppfödarna, noggrannhet garanteras inte.

Vi kan inte ta ansvar för transaktioner som genomförs till följd av kontakt via listan. Uppfödarna och individerna och organisationerna som de hanterar bär allt ansvar för sådana interaktioner och alla konsekvenser.

Vi rekommenderar dig att alltid kontrollera de senaste referenserna på uppfödare du vill få en katt från. Människor förändras, de som varit etiska och ansvarsfulla uppfödare tidigare, kanske inte längre uppfyller dessa standarder idag. Det är omöjligt för oss att kontrollera och kontrollera referenser på varje listad uppfödare, så det kan vara så att vissa som är listade är absolut inte de som vi skulle rekommendera dig att köpa en kattunge.

Ocicat @ Pawpeds har rätt att vägra eller ta bort en cattery från denna lista utan ytterligare meddelande.