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Methuselah List

Maine Coons that have lived to the age of 15 years or greater

Longevity is an important factor in determining if your cat comes from a line of healthy cats. One part of a campaign for a healthy gene pool is identifying those cats which have lived to a ripe old age. Determining just what certain cats have died of can be impossible, identifying long lived cats should be much easier. On this page we'd like to compile a list of "Methuselahs", cats that have lived to the age of 15 years and beyond. 

If you have a Methuselah to nominate...

If you have a Methuselah to nominate, please fill out this questionnaire.

You can view the list of names of the cats on the Methuselah list below. For detail notes on the Methuselah nominations, click here. (Sire, Dam, fun stories, etc. - Interesting reading!)

More information about the pedigree and offspring of these cats can be found in the Maine Coon Database. And if you would like to see pictures of some Maine Coon cats who lived to be 15 years or older, go to the ancestors gallery!

Conversion Chart - Cat Years to Human Years

  Cat's Years     Corresponding  
Human Years
  Cat's Years     Corresponding  
Human Years
1 15 12 64
2 24 13 68
3 28 14 72
4 32 15 76
5 36 16 80
6 40 17 84
7 44 18 88
8 48 19 92
9 52 20 96
10 56 21 100
11 60    

Methuselah nominations

  • Ailurophile Capt. Willie's Whizbang, RW GC GP
  • Amkat Darryl Strawberry, QGC
  • Amkat Juliette
  • Amkat Remington Steele, TICA SGC, CFA GRC
  • Arlene v. Cessely
  • Athabaske Blue Beaver
  • Athabaske Fabyenne
  • Athabaske Oconee of Schindetal
  • Avicats Nuvoletta of Stormwatch, GC
  • Baslatan Wish Upon A Star, IC
  • Beau Dixie Jazz of Justajoy, CH
  • Belujondra Drusilla
  • Buctales First Edition, GC, GP
  • Buctales Paw Prints of Unicoon, GC
  • Burmaines Selket of Coonsworth, CH
  • Calabash Mini, CH
  • Calabash Red Wing of Skimble, CH
  • Calabash Sundance Kid of Skimble, CH GP
  • Calicoon Chris's Rachel
  • Calicoon Joe Joe
  • Calicoon Hooligan
  • Call Me Boris of Danwill Blue
  • Canalettos RoanokeBlueBelle
  • Capecoon Chumani
  • Capecoon Glenlivet of SaraJen
  • Caprix Bashfull Bill
  • Caprix Blue Bogart, EC
  • Caprix Bramble
  • Caprix Creme Caramel, GIC
  • Caprix Roxanne
  • Captain Coon Crackerjack of Justajoy, CH PR
  • Cari-Celcats Pete Pawsgoodknee, CFA GP, TICA GC
  • Charmalot Andrea of Coontique, CH
  • Charmalot Gideon
  • Charmalot King Arthur Pendragon, SGC OS
  • Charmalot Lady Melissandra
  • Charmalot Lady Rebecca, CH, (Coontessa in CFA)
  • Charmalot Lady Wendala of Justajoy
  • Charmalot Misha Alexandra II
  • Charmalot My Miss Ginny, CH
  • Charmalot Moonlight Sonata, CH
  • Charmalot Morgaine
  • Charmalot Tabitha of Walmet, DGC, PR
  • Cheeptrills Beau Jangles, GP
  • Cheeptrills Dusty (Gus)
  • Cinnamaine Tennessee of Cooncreole, SGC/CH
  • Coonchai J.P. Sousa of Justajoy
  • Condopurrs Blue Suede Shoes, SGC
  • Coonoquan My Summer Surprise
  • Coonoquan Mike Nelson
  • Coonsboro Calvin Coonidge, NW-GC
  • Coonsboro Mario Indy Coondretti, GPRW
  • Coonsboro Typhoon of Stormwatch, GC GP
  • Coonsworth Aja
  • Coonsworth Baketaten, CH
  • Coonsworth Charlemagne
  • Coonsworth Cleopatra, CH, DM
  • Coonsworth Maxx Lui Kang, PR
  • Coonsworth Nigel of Hissinghurst, GC
  • Coonsworth Tabasco Cat, GP
  • Coonsworth Sefari
  • Coonwyck Savannah
  • Cowtown Marigold of Walmet, SGC OD
  • Cremocrop Emmylou Harris, GP
  • Crossed Arrows Sarsi
  • Davie Boy vom Schindetal
  • Dirigo John Hancock, CH
  • Forest Manor Mocha of Ambler Farm
  • Forestsprite Abby II of Little Forest Lion, GEC
  • Forestsprite Icy
  • Fullmoon's Light My Fire
  • Gemutlichkatze's Maxim
  • Gemutlichkatze's Phineas Taylor
  • Gemutlichkatze's Sophronia
  • Gingercats Tobi Tyler, CH
  • Hairbearei Beary Best of Cremocrop, CH
  • Hatheg-Kla Isabella Catalina
  • Heidi Ho Aurora
  • Heidi Ho Canth of Tanstaafl
  • Honeycoon Frisque Tiger
  • Indro Don de Alazan
  • Kanab Luannes Acoma, GC, DM
  • Kayenta Sedona of Kanab, DM
  • Kiskata Angeline of Solkatz
  • Kitti-Kat Halfpenny-Twopenny, Int. Ch.
  • Kitty-Up Hopi of Mannahatta, CH
  • Kitty-Up Starbuck-of-Paumanok, RW-SGCA
  • Kitwilo G. Louise
  • Klipperkats Hidee O'Silver
  • Kokomo Bristol Cream
  • Krutherskats KKR Jr.
  • Lagunacoon Dos Equis, GC/GP
  • Lee v. Opel-Dienst
  • Lovabacon KKR of Krutherscats
  • Lovabacon Miguel of Kreidcats, GP/RW
  • Lovehulen Kiss
  • Lucky Buzz av Åsly
  • Luvpaws Maverick of Wyndabbey, QGC
  • Magicoons Dream Chaser of Idlemaine, CH
  • Magicoons Shadow Dancer, CH
  • Magicoons Susie O'Coon, GP
  • Maine Cooncern's Thor
  • Mainstays Americana of Solkatz
  • Maralas Sampson
  • Maynetree Knight in Shining Amor, PR
  • Maximus Saturn of Coonsworth, CH
  • M'Coon's Sebastian Augustus, TICA SGC RW, CFA GC, CFF Ch
  • Mooncoon Alabama
  • Mooncoon Alaska, IC
  • MtKittery Carbonaro of Emlu
  • MtKittery Mercedes-Benz of Nascat
  • Mymains Constance
  • Napa Valley Moonshine of St. Clouds
  • Nascat Waving the Checkers, GC, GP, RW, DM
  • Neami Luanne Gilbert
  • Neami Luanne Sullivan
  • Olde Chelsea Murphy Brown of Rumford, CH
  • Oro Ojos Calpurnia of Coonstone
  • Patchwork Disney, GIC
  • Patchwork Silver Barbarella, EC
  • Patchwork Trapper, EC EP
  • Pawtalk Pretty Wo'maine' of Acadiacoons, CH
  • Primeacat Honey B. of Coon-Fetti, CH
  • Primeacat Lucky Star, GC GP
  • Primeacat Mocha Yogurt of Valdalyn, CH
  • Purrmayne Vista of Hissinghurst
  • Purrtigers Johhny Walker Red
  • Purrocious Lady Lucinda
  • Pyramaine Doverfoxcroft of Lagunacoon
  • Rio v.d. Punda
  • Roselu Hi Ho
  • Roselu Passport
  • Roselu Pharoah of Pussyfoot
  • Roselu Rendez-vouz of Pusiluv
  • Ruathahold Brekke of Primeacat, CH
  • Rumford Rocky, RW-GP
  • Ryanplace Shacado of Wyndhaven, SGC
  • Schick's Gunny Sarge of Gingercats
  • Seelieshires Hada Reina of Oro Ojos, CH
  • Shaggytown Matinicus
  • Skimble Miramichi Aurora, CH DM
  • Snobbrännans Zussi Lou, IC
  • Solkatz Chief Tyee
  • Solkatz Luciano P of Pusiluv
  • Spavinaw Blu-Macks of Calicoon, SGC
  • St. Clouds Diamond Lil
  • St.John Miami, CH
  • Staroyale Arthur Pendragon
  • Stonedance Hannah
  • Stormaine Tennessee Tonya
  • Sundar Tabigail of The Maine Place, QGC
  • Tabbytufts Baxter
  • Talshipp's Sara Devine of Tanasi
  • Tanasi Tombigbee
  • Tanstaafl Isaiah of The Maine Place, QGC
  • Tanstaafl Dora Jill
  • Tanstaafl Druid Of Seelieshire
  • Tanstaafl Polly Adeline
  • Tanstaafl Ramoth of Calicoon
  • Taelcat Humphrey Bogart, GRC
  • Tennessee of Cooncreole
  • Terrificats Apatchy Princess
  • Terrificats Bit 'O Honey
  • Terrificats Black Magic of Magicoons
  • Terrificats Joint Venture, GC/RW
  • Terrificats Silver Cloud, GC/GP
  • The Bentley Pride Penny Lane
  • The Dorsai Grey Captain
  • The Dorsai Tanista
  • The Maine Place Bastet of Charmalot, CH
  • The Maine Place Wellington of Charmalot, SGC, (Winston in CFA)
  • Topa Aesop, GP
  • Tolkat Elanor Fairbairn
  • Tufpaws Rosieola of Buctales, GC/GP/RW DM
  • Tycoon's KC Wingwalker
  • Unicoon's Creamsicle McPunkin, GP
  • Walmet Caleb of Caralee, TGC
  • Walmet Medievil Madam of Chaudvent, SGC, GC
  • Walmet Rebecca of Coonsworth, CH/PR/OD, DM
  • Wild Fellow Kojak, GEC
  • Wrevenik Maralas Sampson, SGC, DM
  • Wynhaven Carolina Dreams of Rumford, GC, DM
  • Ylletrollets Bonanzi, CH
  • Ylletrollets Carananza, CH
  • Ylletrollets Dexas Kid, GIC
  • Ylletrollets Flora
  • Ylletrollets Jumbolina, CH
  • Ylletrollets McBrutuss, CH
  • Ylletrollets Lakris