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Welcome to the Maine Coon Heritage Site, or MCHS for short! This website has been created to provide information on outcross, inbreeding and health issues for today's Maine Coon breeders, to insure a healthy genetic heritage for tomorrow's kittens.

On this site you can browse through the history of the Maine Coon breed, the early breeders and the early foundation cats. We also aim to keep updated lists of outcross catteries here, in order to help breeders finding outcross lines that could be useful for them.

Photo by C.E. Bullard 1899

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This site was created in 1998 by:
Cynthia Bowen (Coontopia), Ulrika Olsson (Ylletrollets), Astrid Straver (Tricks and Tails), Janet Marr (Furkats)

It is now maintained by:
Malin Sundqvist